Feature Articles 2010
Argentina and the Under-19 World Cup
Are Argentina hosting the 2012 Under-19 World Cup? And why are some saying that they are?
Good news, but plenty to chew on
The confirmation that there will be an eight-team Intercontinental Cup in 2011-12 is welcome, but the High Performance countries' first-class competition remains a challenge - and not only on the field.
Cape Town International Cricket Academy to start in February
Featuring leading coaches Ryan Maron, Andy Moles and Brian McMillan, the two-month Academy will offer a great opportunity to young players from Europe and elsewhere.
An Open Letter to Haroon Lorgat
Rod Lyall calls upon Haroon Lorgat, ICC Chief Executive and chairman of its Development Committee, to reaffirm the ICC's commitment to its development policies and the structures it has built up over the past decade.
All change as ICC Europe embraces Twenty20
But Regional Development Manager Richard Holdsworth emphasizes that the commitment to the longer forms of the game remains undiminished as the pattern of European tournaments changes.
It's time for the majority to take a public stand
The Associates and Affiliates may have little power or influence, but there is at least one way in which the ICC's 'wretched of the earth' could put pressure on the Full members over the future of cricket's global development.
West Indies defeats Sri Lanka to claim Women's T20 title
West Indies took the title in the ICC Women's Twenty20 Challenge in Potchefstroom while Ireland defeated The Netherlands in the wooden spoon encounter.
The silence begins to break Ö but is it too late?
The mainstream media were completely silent on the proposal to reduce the cricket world cup to ten teams. But now someone has spoken out against it.
A dark day in the history of the game
As the ICC restructures international cricket in the interest of the privileged few, the implications for the powerless majority remain uncertain Ö but far from promising.
ICC condemns Associate cricket to the scrapheap
ICC confirms that the World Cup will be reduced in 2015, but not in duration or number of matches.
Associates and Affiliates must fight for their right to vote
Since the ICC proposal to cut the 2015 World Cup to just 10 teams was announced, much has been revealed about how the sport's governing body operates.
I have a dream Ö
Ö or rather a nightmare vision of where the powers that be in cricket appear to be taking the game.
Solidarity is the only answer to the power of the big battalions
What can the Associates' representatives do in the face of the naked power of the Full Members when they demand their own way at the ICC Executive Board next week?
How large a World Cup?
Russell Degnan argues that the ICC's proposals to reduce the size of the World Cup are based on five widely held misconceptions.
Lockerbie wants ICC to model Cricket World Cup on other sports
Don Lockerbie, USA Chief Executive and Chief Operating Officer of the 2007 World Cup, is against narrowing the number of teams in the ICC World Cup while at the same time hoping for even greater expansion of the World Twenty20 beyond the proposed 16 teams.
Is cricket fit to be an Olympic sport?
It may be time for the IOC to reconsider its recognition of the ICC as an International Federation under the Olympic Charter.
Time to expand, not to contract
A 10 nation, 48 match 2015 World Cup isn't even a smart short term solution to the obvious problem. Cricket cannot prosper if only one country controls its destiny.
The mainstream media's mysterious conspiracy of silence
Is elitism so deeply embedded in cricket journalism, as well as cricket administration, that no other media agencies are ready to point out the absurdity and downright injustice of a ëWorld Cup' confined to a small club of self-serving nations?
Has the High Performance Program failed?
The proposal to cut the World Cup to ten teams might suggest that the ICC's High Performance Program is a failure, but that is very far from the truth.
Cricket is content to remain a post colonial club
Cricket's governing body has decided to reduce the number of teams taking part in the 2015 World Cup to 10. Peter Roebuck says that it is an astonishingly short sighted act.
What the money-men want to deprive us of
A look at the range of performances that will be eliminated from future World Cups if the ICC Chief Executives' Committee's proposals are accepted.
As other sports look to expand their World Cups Ö
Ö the ICC decides it is appropriate to reduce its World Cup to a select and chosen few countries.
World Cup proposal betrays ICC's own plan
The suggestion of a ten team World Cup involves abandoning some key promises made in the ICC Strategic Plan 2006-2010.
The future of the Intercontinental Cup
The ICC's High Performance manager reveals that the ICC has yet to determine the format and schedule for the next edition of the tournament.
The World Cup: a way forward for Associates and Affiliates?
Roy Morgan looks at some of the ways in which a ten team World Cup might be organised.
Ireland and Scotland condemn ICC recommendations
The chief executives of Cricket Scotland and Cricket Ireland have strongly condemned plans by the ICC to reduce the number of participants in the World Cup.
ICC poll reveals overwhelming support for a 16-nation World Cup in 2015
More than two-thirds of voters supported a 16-team World Cup in a poll which the ICC briefly ran on its own website on Thursday. But then they removed the poll!
ICC kicks the Associates and Affiliates in the teeth
The proposal to reduce the World Cup to ten participants from 2015 threatens the whole ICC development strategy and may herald the end of the High Performance Program, argues Rod Lyall.
Why Ireland (and Scotland) should not go to Zimbabwe
Michael Taylor argues that Ireland should not have given in to ICC's pressure for them to play Intercontinental Cup and ODI matches in Zimbabwe.
Bradmanesque ending in store for Hamilton?
Gavin Hamilton brings his Scottish career to an end this weekend hoping to emulate Don Bradman.
Mr Isaac sets out his stall
An ICC audio interview with newly-elected Vice-President Alan Isaac points to disturbing developments in international cricket, argues Rod Lyall.
Afghans offer hope to war-torn homeland
THE story of Afghan cricket's rise from refugee camps to World Cup qualification is a remarkable one.
Daan van Bunge goes public on the selection issue
An article in the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant last week aired batsman Daan van Bunge's grievances over his treatment by the KNCB.
Dazzling Morgan shines flattering light on Irish Test ambitions
There are era-defining moments in cricket. And with Eoin Morgan's 130 against Pakistan, we may have seen one of them.
Apocalypse looming for Associate nations?
Jon Coates on how the dumbfounding scenario of the World Cup going all the way back to 10 teams is on the ICC table and up for debate.
Afghans emerge from Out of the Ashes
Taj Malik loiters at the zebra crossing on an empty street in Jersey, confronted by an age-old dilemma. To wait for the green man or to take his chances.
Infant promise from rotting carcass
Statistically, Gavin Hamilton's tenure as Scotland captain makes for grim reading: seven wins in 30 games in the 20-over, 40-over and 50-over formats.
You can't compare a dolphin with a door
Dave Langford-Smith talks about his career with Phoenix and Ireland.
When playing Ireland was no more than a jolly thrash
Australian captain Ricky Ponting recalls the days when playing Ireland was very much like a village game against amateur cricketers.
Way forward for Scotland?
Should Scotland follow the example of Ireland and opt out of the English county game?
"Cricket in America" review
The "Cricket in America" documentary is an intriguing, yet fatally flawed, look at cricket in the USA.
Cricket the loser as ICC inquiry shuts the stable door
It may not come as a surprise that the inquiry does not recommend justice for Singapore, but it is nevertheless profoundly disappointing.
Is Bart King still the top Associate cricketer of all time?
Roy Morgan considers how recent top cricketers stand in relation to associate/affiliate cricketers of all time and, in particular,with Bart King, widely regarded as one of the best players never to have played test cricket.
Youth development the New Zealand way
Christine O'Dowd describes the challenges and opportunities facing young New Zealand cricketers on their path to success.
The ICC and world cricket: a brief unofficial history (Part 3)
In the concluding part of this series, we examine the transformation in world cricket since the introduction of Associate membership in 1965 - and the rise to power of a bloc of countries led by India.
Done on Afghanistan
Even ICC's High Performance Manager Richard Done, the man responsible for bridging the gap between the elite and the aspiring nations, has been amazed by Afghanistan's inexorable rise.
The ICC and world cricket: a brief unofficial history (Part 2)
Continuing our account of the development of international cricket, we examine the period from World War II to the introduction of Associate membership of the ICC in 1965.
The ICC and world cricket: a brief unofficial history (Part 1)
The strange structures of international cricket are only explicable if one understands something of the ICC's history. In this first of three parts, we look at the situation up to World War Two.
A simple approach to Test status for Associates and Affiliates cricket
One simple approach to encouraging associate and affiliate countries to meet their aspirations of playing cricket at the highest level would be for the ICC to separate the issue of test status from full membership. Roy Morgan suggests how it might be done.
A matter of arithmetic
Without the riot, Singapore would inevitably have finished second in Kathmandu, irrespective of the outcome of the match between Nepal and USA. Here's why.
A redeemable disgrace
Rod Lyall argues that the handling of the Kathmandu riot not only destroys the credibility of the ICC's World Cricket League, but gives a licence for crowd misbehaviour anywhere in the world.
The men who beat Tendulkar
A look at the double centuries in international one-day matches that came before Sachin Tendulkar.
(Not) Born in the USA
The age and make-up of the USA national side does not bode well for the ICC's ambitions in the country.
The Old and the New at the T20 qualifiers
The scintillating action that unfolded over the five days of the T20 World Cup Qualifier proved once again that non-test cricket has more than its fair share of quality, entertainment and drama.
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