Feature Articles 2011
It's all about cricket awareness: Tim de Leede
Former Netherlands allrounder Tim de Leede reflects on the current state of Dutch cricket and what is needed for the sport to start growing again.
Time for cricketing Six Nations?
Is it time for the Associate countries to start thinking outside the box in terms of their fixture schedule?
Warren Deutrom reflects on another memorable year for Irish cricket
Warren Deutrom, the chief executive of Cricket Ireland, has spoken of his pride at the Irish success over England during the World Cup, whilst talking about his best memories of 2011 and hopes for 2012.
Progress on the field, but uncertainties remain in Dutch cricket
A much-improved CB40 campaign, four titles for the women and a promising Youth Plan were the best features of Dutch cricket in 2011, but questions remain about how the game is governed.
Year to remember for Scottish cricket
The heavens might have done their best to rain on Scotland's parade, but there was no denying that 2011 brought significant strides forward, amidst the showers, for many of Caledonia's brightest cricketing talents.
Morgan plan threatens one-day position of Dutch and Scots
David Morgan's proposals for restructuring English domestic cricket, endorsed in principle by the ECB Board on Wednesday, could lead to the Netherlands and Scotland being squeezed out of the one-day competition from 2014.
Pakistanis' punishment purely for the optics
Only the naÔve will believe putting Butt, Asif and Amir behind bars has drawn some sort of ethical line in the sand.
ICC Board gets it wrong - again
The ICC Executive Board's decision to make its new One-Day League for Associates and Affiliates part of the World Cup qualifying process is another example of poor governance, both procedurally and in substance.
Book review: Intercontinental Cup/Shield by Roy Morgan
Andrew Nixon reviews Roy Morgan's book on the Intercontinental Cup and Intercontinental Shield.
Timothy Carew O'Brien - the first Irishman to captain England
When Eoin Morgan walked out onto the green turf of Clontarf, he became the third Irishman to captain England at its national sport.
A candid insight into ICC-think
Malcolm Speed's memoir of his decade as a leading administrator at Cricket Australia and the ICC provides clear evidence of how the game reached its current condition, but largely ignores its global development.
England squad an insult
England's squad for the one-off ODI in Dublin is an insult to Irish cricket, which deserves better than a virtual England Lions team.
Why are some Irish fans so happy?
The reactions of some Irish supporters to Boyd Rankin's England Lions selection are surprising given what it means for the future of Irish cricket. If they are happy for the team to remain a glorified England development side, then the ICC will be delighted to keep them in that role.
England are world's best, so why can't they leave Ireland alone?
The news that Ireland's Boyd Rankin has been called up by the England Lions should send out a warning signal to the ICC's emerging countries.
An Open Letter to Lord Woolf of Barnes
CricketEurope urges Lord Woolf, whom the ICC has appointed to lead its governance review, to recommend fundamental changes to the Council's constitution and voting arrangements.
By their deeds shall ye know them
The decisions made by the ICC Executive Board in Hong Kong last month not only betray the aspirations of the Associate and Affiliate members, but fly in the face of the ICC's own Strategic Plan.
Why use rankings?
The ICC ranking system will determine 8 of the ten 2019 World Cup teams. Andrew Nixon argues that rankings are a curiosity at best and should, despite the ICC's constant stream of press releases about them, remain just that.
The ICC numbers that just don't add up
The claim that cutting the next two World Twenty20 tournaments was inevitable to 'balance' the retention of a 14-team World Cup in 2015 is patently nonsense.
World Cricket League StatsZone joins the family
A unique statistical feature covering all WCL tournaments since the competition's inception in 2007 os now available online on CricketEurope.
Hong Kong deal betrays cricket's global development
By cutting back on qualification places for the World T20 tournaments while reversing its position on the 2015 World Cup, the ICC Executive Board has again made nonsense of its development policies.
It's far from a victory for the Associate and Affiliate countries
CricketEurope applauds the ICC's decision to revert to a 14 nation World Cup in 2015 but there is now cause for serious concern about their future strategy regarding the Associate and Affiliate countries.
World awaiting justice from ICC
The burning issue for the Associate countries lies in whether the governing body will commit a U-turn and allow the them the chance to qualify for the 2015 World Cup.
Energy and imagination are needed to promote the Dutch game
In the third and last article of his series, Rod Lyall surveys some of the initiatives which could contribute to a rapid expansion in the numbers of Dutch cricketers -- and raise the game's domestic profile.
Just what is the Intercontinental Cup for?
The ICC's methods and strategies for Associates cricket would occasionally tax the little grey cells of Hercule Poirot.
Is Dutch cricket a hopeless case?
The cancellation of Saturday's scheduled North-South match after half the players withdrew raises fundamental questions about the appetite of young Dutch cricketers to make the international grade.
Book Review: Out of the Ashes
Andrew Nixon reviews Tim Albone's story of how a rag-tag team of refugees from the war-torn nation of Afghanistan came close to reaching the 2011 World Cup.
The World Cup: the wrong decision
Roy Morgan on how the ICC's full members have confirmed that they intend the ICC to be no better than a mediaeval guild, setting out to protect themselves and to prevent others from achieving the same rights and privileges.
The endangered species of World Cup giant killers
Argentina national coach Toby Bailey says that the ICC Full Members have destroyed the magic of the World Cup.
ICC has failed in its primary function as a governing body
Tim Brooks says that is now abundantly clear that the ICC's decision making process is not aligned with its stated objectives or its role as a governing body representing a global sport.
The lie of the meritocratic pathway
The ICC have talked about meritocratic pathways in international cricket recently, but seem unwilling to implement them.
U turn from ECB?
Despite Giles Clarke voting for Ireland's exclusion, and Irish county players warned about criticizing the decision on Twitter, the ECB seems now to be in favour of a 2015 qualification tournament.
Why the ICC axed the minnows
The real crooks in all of this are the full-member nations who greedily ushered through plans to limit the next World Cup to the Test-playing teams.
Silence could be golden for Associates in Dubai
The six participating Division Two countries are keeping their heads down for fear of jeopardising their Icup places and funding.
ICC up the creek and without a paddle
One can't call on the ICC's reasoning to defend the decision because, since their board meeting in Mumbai, they haven't offered any.
Cynical, greedy, and an utter disgrace
Monday's decision by the ICC Executive Board is the most destructive for cricket for half a century, since the game' s then administrators chose to go on Playing with Apartheid, argues Rod Lyall.
Roll on the 2015 Invitational Trophy
Courtesy of Sporting Life, Dave Tickner gives his reaction to the shameful ICC decision.
ICC cancels 'World Cup' until 2019
Dave Liverman says that ICC have turned what was a World Cup into a self-invitational event - a 'Fat Cats Challenge'.
A disgraceful decision
The decision to limit the 2015 World Cup to the ten full members is a disgrace, argues Andrew Nixon.
Who gives a toss?
In the World Cup final at the Wankhede Stadium, the toss had to be redone after confusion due to the noise from the stands.
An insight into the Brave New World Cup?
The ICC is delighted with the 2011 event, but new commercial opportunities beckon with the 2015 version.
India v Pakistan and the studious Spirit of Cricket
As India and Pakistan battled for a place in Saturday's final, Rod Lyall watched the game with a group of students from the two countries in Amsterdam.
The World Cup: just how competitive are the Associates?
Roy Morgan does a statistical analysis of the performance of Associate teams since the inception of the World Cup.
From earthquakes to the World Cup
Peter McDermott from Vintage Cricket in New Zealand reflects on the Associates' performances at the World Cup.
Could do better: the Full members and the HPP
This World Cup has exposed the limitations of the ICC's attempts to raise the level of the second-tier countries, and pointed up the need for a change of attitude among the Full members.
The World no longer at their feet
As often as it can be wonderful, the Cricket World Cup can be every bit as weird.
Rule tweak can halt England poaching
The joy of watching Ireland perform so wonderfully this past week has been tinged by the ever-present fear that before the next World Cup some of those heroes in green will be flying a different flag.
World Cup stars reveal favourite books
ICC launches partnership with Room to Read at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.
2011: a landscape shrouded in uncertainty
The ICC's 95 Associate and Affiliate members face an uncertain future in 2011 and beyond as the Full members move to restructure international cricket to their own liking.
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