Feature Articles 2012
Degrees of separation
How many steps does one need to take to get from the Irish team set to play Ireland's 800th match against Bangladesh today to that very first Irish team way back in 1855?
Four challenges for associate and affiliate cricket
Roy Morgan looks at four challenges currently facing the development of cricket.
A rather watered down spirit
Andrew Nixon was less than impressed with Tony Grieg's "Spirit of Cricket" lecture at Lord's this week.
The Groundhog Day effect in Dutch cricket
Six years on from the last review of the KNCB's structure a good deal has changed, but the fundamental problems identified then are still impeding progress.
The Woolf debate begins in earnest
The ICC Executive Board's decisions this weekend open up the possibility, however remote, of real and fundamental change in the governance of cricket.
Time to stand up and be counted
The forthcoming meeting of the ICC Executive Board is perhaps the most important in the Council's 103-history, argues Rod Lyall, and it is essential that the Woolf report's core recommendations are adopted.
Time for a new approach to the eligibility question?
The dependence of some countries on foreign-produced players remains a thorny question, and it is time for a different approach, argues Rod Lyall.
Howzat for progress?
For those who've become used to Ireland swatting away countries with their bats, and reaching cricket World Cups, it's easy to forget just where the sport in Ireland was at the turn of the century.
Different routes for Afghanistan and Ireland but no entry visa
Currently, they are stuck in the ether: too good for the level they are playing at, yet not permitted into the "cosy club" of Test nations just above them.
A change of heart - or keeping the Woolf from the door?
There are some positive signs in the outcome of this week's meeting of the ICC Chief Executives' Committee, but the real test of the Woolf report's impact is yet to come.
Nabi hopeful for Afghan future
Afghanistam all-rounder Mohammed Nabi talks about his career and the future of Afghanistan cricket.
Doomed to failure
The latest attempt to introduce Twenty20 into the USA fails to learn from the lessons of the past.
Andrew White reflects on his Ireland career so far
Thirteeen years of great memories, 200 caps and counting.
Ferguson living Hong Kong dream
Former Scotland Under 19 player Mark Ferguson is hoping to help his adopted country qualify for the T20 World Cup finals.
A breath of fresh Eire: Ireland's refreshing pursuit of Test cricket
Why not give Ireland a chance to compete in the Test arena, argues Charlie Morgan.
A New Deal for the ICC majority?
Implementation in full of the Woolf review team's recommendations is essential if the ICC is to regain its credibility as a global governing body.
His Lordship bowls a yorker
In their 60-page, 65-recommendation report Lord Woolf and his review team leave the ICC in little doubt that the existing structures and practices of the Council are in need of radical, far-reaching change.
Much to prove before dream becomes reality
Jon Coates says that there is so much ambition under the Cricket Ireland umbrella now that the declaration made yesterday was probably inevitable. But this goal is fatally flawed.
Time to open up Test cricket?
The restriction of Test status to Full Member countries should be ended and any ICC member country allowed to play Test cricket, argues Andrew Nixon.
Associate/Affiliate XI is a great initiative, but not as a Test side
Advocates of a more inclusive approach to cricket's development should not be side-tracked by the idea of an Associate/Affiliate Test team, argues Rod Lyall.
Should Wales apply for ICC membership?
Michael Blumberg argues in favour of an independent Welsh national side in international cricket.
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