Most Catches in a Match by Keeper
All Matches, All Grades, 09-May-2003 to 27-Aug-2022
# Name Club Date Opposition Ground Grade Catches
1 DTA Armstrong NCounty 13-Jun-2009 Waringstown The Lawn, Waringstown HKBKISC 6
2 R Allwright Merrion 05-Jul-2008 Limavady Anglesea Road HKBKISC 5
3 DTA Armstrong NCounty 19-Jun-2004 Instonians Inch Royal L 4
4 S McMichael Limavad 10-Jul-2004 Instonians Shaws Bridge Royal L 4
5 DTA Armstrong NCounty 06-Aug-2005 Merrion Inch LionSpt 4
6 R Maybury Clontar 17-Jun-2006 Brigade Castle Avenue ISC 4
7 G McKeegan Brigade 02-Jul-2011 Pembroke Sydney Parade HKBKISC 4
8 C Goodall CSN 09-Jun-2012 Derriaghy Stormont HKBKISC 4
9 K Beasley Merrion 14-Jun-2008 YMCA Anglesea Road HKBKISC 4
10 Robert Forrest Clontar 11-May-2013 Ballymena Castle Avenue BKISC 4
11 C Goodall CSN 03-Aug-2013 Merrion Stormont BKISC 4
12 G Browne Carrick 22-May-2016 Drummond Middle Road, Carrickferg BKISC 4
13 Mark Donegan The Hil 07-May-2016 Civil Service North Vineyard BKISC 4
14 RL Dougherty Doneman 19-May-2018 Merrion The Holm CCBKISC 4
15 Robert Forrest Clontar 17-Jun-2018 The Hills Castle Avenue CCBKISC 4
16 J Bushe Warings 11-Jun-2011 North County The Lawn, Waringstown HKBKISC 4
17 M McClean Warings 17-Jul-2016 North County Inch BKISC 4
18 Nicolaas Pretorius Phoenix 19-Jun-2022 North Down Phoenix Park HKBKISC 4
19 Fintan McAllistar Malahid 21-May-2022 Lisburn Wallace Park, Lisburn HKBKISC 4
20 G Flanagan Phoenix 29-May-2009 Civil Service North Phoenix Park HKBKISC 3
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