Lowest Completed Innings Scores
All Matches, All Grades, 09-May-2003 to 27-Aug-2022
# Team Club Date Opposition Ground Grade Result
1 Fox Lodge Fox Lod 21-May-2022 The Hills Ballymagorry HKBKISC 29-10
2 YMCA YMCA 08-Jul-2006 North County Claremont Road ISC 36-10
3 Eglinton Eglinto 14-May-2005 Clontarf Eglinton LionSpt 43-9
4 Cork Harlequins CorkHa 10-May-2014 Pembroke Sydney Parade BKISC 44-10
5 Bonds Glen BondsGl 12-May-2012 CIYMS Bonds Glen HKBKISC 49-10
6 Derriaghy Derriag 10-Jul-2016 Merrion Anglesea Road BKISC 54-9
7 Bready Bready 14-Jul-2006 Railway Union Park Avenue ISC 55-8
8 Old Belvedere OldBel 30-Apr-2005 Merrion Anglesea Road LionSpt 61-10
9 Leinster Leinste 21-Jul-2019 CIYMS Rathmines CCBKISC 61-10
10 Old Belvedere OldBel 06-Jun-2003 Glendermott The Rectory Royal L 65-10
11 Brigade Brigade 05-Jun-2009 Old Belvedere Cabra HKBKISC 66-10
12 Limavady Limavad 12-May-2012 Terenure Terenure HKBKISC 66-10
13 Glendermott Glender 09-May-2009 Railway Union Park Avenue HKBKISC 69-10
14 Civil Service North CSN 19-May-2007 North County Stormont HKBKISC 70-10
15 Creevedonnell CreeveD 11-May-2013 Pembroke Sydney Parade BKISC 70-10
16 Bready Bready 07-May-2016 Waringstown The Lawn, Waringstown BKISC 70-10
17 Bready Bready 06-Jun-2015 North County Inch BKISC 71-10
18 Railway Union Railway 08-Jun-2013 North County Park Avenue BKISC 74-10
19 Ballymena Ballyme 14-May-2011 North County Inch HKBKISC 76-10
20 Glendermott Glender 10-May-2008 Merrion Anglesea Road HKBKISC 76-10
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