Leinster Cricket, Sat August 7th Cork County 142/10 beat Terenure 73/10 by 69 runs

There’s a certain irony in the fact that the only Leinster senior match to survive Saturday’s deluge was actually played in Munster.

The Championship tie between Cork County and Terenure provided two of the most remarkable bowling performances of the season when Terenure, unbeaten in their three matches, visited the winless Cork County at The Mardyke.

The home side batted first and it looked as if their record wasn’t going to be greatly improved as the Terenure bowlers, led by Mark Thomas, ripped through the top order to leave County in a parlous state at 28 for 5 in the 11th over, four of those wickets falling to Thomas who finished with figures of 10 overs, 2 maidens, and 5 for 29.

Cork County

Things took an upward turn for the southerners when Rudolph Pollard (58*) was joined by Harvey Wootton (26) and their half-century partnership steadied the Cork ship.

When Wootton fell to Sadiq Safi, Sai Swaroop Burra (10) and Abubakar Saddique (13) joined Pollard in turn, bringing the total to 124/8 in the 30th over. Nabeel Anjum and Siddharth Joshi added another ten runs during their brief visits to the persistent Pollard’s little kingdom and the Cork County innings closed on 142/10.

As well as Thomas’s exploits the other wickets were taken by Sadiq Safi 2-25, Zubair Khan 1-16, Hayden Sharland 1-29, and Bhavic Tukrel 1-38.

Cork’s Harvey Wootton (10 overs, 3 maidens, and 6 wickets for 25) then outshone the efforts of Mark Thomas.

Wootton’s contribution combined with the efforts of that man Rudolph Pollard (3-38) left their visitors bewitched, bothered, and bewildered, as only two ‘nure batters could muster double figures, Donal Lynch (19) and Zubair Khan (13*).

Six wickets for Harvey Wootton

The final wicket to fall, that of Thomas, was taken by Nabeel Anjum (2 overs and 1 wicket for 2), saw Khan stranded as the Dublin 6 side ran aground, 73 all out.

All the Premiership fixtures fell victim to the weather, together with the other three Championship encounters.

We await the decision of the Open Competitions Committee as to whether the points for these matches will be evenly divided or if there will be refixes, possibly midweek 20 over affairs.