Australia and England continue to set the pace and are the clear leaders, having won all their four matches so far after the second day of the U13 North West World Cup.

Adam Britton 36*, Roy McGerrigle 35*, and Jacob Cloughton 31* were all in the runs as Australia/Donemana beat Zimbabwe/NW Girls by 51 runs, with Cody Wallace making 17 as they made 72 chasing 123.

Zimbabwe/NW Girls

Britton (30) and McGerrigle (34) were also to the fore as they won the afternoon game against India/Ardmore by six wickets chasing 86. Leon Campbell taking two wickets for India, while Bobby Brolly (35) and Shane King (29) dominated their 86 for 2.

India had won their morning match thanks to a fine batting effort from George Dalton 36*, and Bobby Brolly 35* in their total of 111 for 0. That was 17 runs too many for Sri Lanka/Bonds Glen despite 22 apiece for Sam Haslett and Shane Diver, both of whom made 22. The best of the bowlers were Leon Campbell (2-18) and Shane King (2-20).


England/Newbuildings edged out West Indies/Bready by 13 runs in one of the games of the day. Lewis Campbell 33, and Reece Clarke 22 helped England to 87 for 5, with Mansi Bhavsar taking 4-15.

West Indies got close as they responded with 74 for 6, with Ben Campbell hitting 20 and George Rough 14.

England found runs easier to come by on their ground at Foyleview as they beat New Zealand/Eglinton by 50 runs in the afternoon. Sam McClintock 35*, Charlie Simpson 25, and Jack McIvor 19 all scored heavily in their total of 116, despite fine bowling displays by Dara Higgins 3-3, and Harry Coyle 2-19.

New Zealand were restricted to 66/3, with Ryan Lamrock 38* the best of the batters.

Lamrock (34*) and Rhys Thompson (24*) had been in the runs as New Zealand beat Ireland/St Johnston by 10 wickets earlier the day, with Tyler Averill (4-4) having the best bowling figures of the day as the Irish were bowled out for 64.

New Zealand/Eglinton

The Irish bounced back evoking memories of 1969 at Sion Mills, as they beat West Indies by 30 runs. Suyaash Kumar made 32* as they scored 67 for 2, while Neelansh Singh claimed 3-1 as they were dismissed for 37.

The final game of the day saw Sri Lanka/Bonds Glen prove too strong for a badly understrength Zimbabwe/NW Girls side.

Two wickets apiece for Jacob (2-3) and Sam Haslett (2-9) kept Zimbabwe to 50 for 6, and despite two wickets for Cody Wallace (2-7) and Charley Scott (1-12), Sri Lanka won by seven wickets, with Adam Thompson making 15 not out.

Ireland/St Johnston

The tournament continues on Wednesday with games once again at Foyle College, Glendermott, Bready and Newbuildings, starting at 10am and 1.30pm.


At Foyle College, India/Ardmore beat Sri Lanka/Bonds Glen by 17 runs
Ardmore 111/0 (George Dalton 36*, Bobby Brolly 35*)
Bonds Glen 94/9 (Sam Haslett 22, Shane Diver 22, Leon Campbell 2-18, Shane King 2-20)

At Newbuildings, New Zealand/Eglinton beat Ireland/St Johnston by 10 wkts
St Johnston 64 (Tyler Averill 4-4)
Eglinton 65/0 (Ryan Lamrock 34*, Rhys Thompson 24*)

At The Rectory, Australia/Donemana beat Zimbabwe/NW Girls by xx runs
Donemana 123/2 (Adam Britton 36*, Roy McGerrigle 35*, Jacob Cloughton 31*; Tanya Hussain 1-6, Lucy Carmichael 1-15)
NW Girls 72/4 (Cody Wallace 17, Abbie McKnight 14, Lucy Carmichael 12*)

At Magheramason, England beat West Indies by 13 runs
England 87/5 (Lewis Campbell 33, Reece Clarke 22; Mansi Bhavsar 4-15)
West Indies 74/6 (Ben Campbell 20, George Rough 14)


At Magheramason, Ireland beat West Indies by 30 runs
Ireland 67/2
West Indies 37 (Neelansh Singh 3-1)

At The Rectory, Australia beat India by 6 wickets
India 86/2 (Bobby Brolly 35*, Shane King 29*)
Australia 87/4 (Roy McGerrigle 34, Adam Britton 30; Leon Campbell 2-24)

At Foyle College, Sri Lanka beat Zimbabwe by 7 wickets
Zimbabwe 50/6 (Jacob Haslett 2-3, Sam Haslett 2-9)
Sri Lanka 51/3 (Adam Thompson 15*; Cody Wallace 2-7, Charley Scott 1-12)

At Newbuildings, England beat New Zealand by 50 runs
England 116 (Sam McClintock 35*, Charlie Simpson 25, Jack McIvor 19; Dara Higgins 3-3, Harry Coyle 2-19)
New Zealand 66/3 (Ryan Lamrock 38*)