The grand old man of St. Columba's (& Leprechauns) cricket moves into three figures on Saturday August 22nd.

Norman will spend his big day in Somerset where he moved since retiring from teaching duties, passing Housemastership of his beloved Stackallen to Liam Canning.

However he kept up his cricket duties as match manager for the annual School v Leps fixture, keeping Charlie Butler & the secretary up to their paces.

Norman WAS cricket in St.Columba's in an era when each of the schools "had their man":- Pere Barry in St Mary's, 'Piggy' Morrison in Wesley, Harry Risk at Masonic, Noel Mahony in K.H., Bobby Fennell in High School, and probably Norman's bete noir, Paddy Lavery of Belvedere.

They ran schools cricket between them trading currency of fixtures and pleasantries (small change) and L.B.W. decisions (sovereigns).

Norman would deliver any stumping decisions from his shooting stick at square leg.

His (& Columba's) day in the sun came in 1976 when the Schools Cup came to Whitechurch, lifted by Mike Beamish.

Somerset's attraction to Norman revolved around Millfield College where his grandchildren were educated, one of whom, Jake, is involved in managing the Indian franchise team, The Rajastan Royals,

Whether a fixture with the Leps can be arranged remains to be seen !!

This Saturday (by great coincidence) the Leps will be playing at Merrion (Colin Lush's old club) where an 'Olde Columban' laden XI will toast Norman's longevity and good health.