Umpiring guru Paddy O'Hara with a New Year quiz for all cricket fans, scorers, umpires and players. Do you know the score?

A New Year`s Quiz. Let`s think about cricket again. All you cricket fans out there - “ Do you know the score”?

At the end of this eventful over, as described below, answer the following questions :-

  1. What is the batting side`s total now?
  2. How many wickets have they lost now?
  3. How many of the runs were extras?
  4. How many runs would be debited against the bowler?
  5. How many wickets would be credited to the bowler?
  6. Was the over correctly counted by the umpire?

The batting side are 133 runs for 4 wickets. You must assume that the umpires made the correct and appropriate signals to the scorers as and when required, and there have been no misdemeanours by either side, before this over.

  • Ball 1. The umpire Calls and signals No ball. The ball goes to the boundary. The umpire signals No ball, Bye, and Boundary Four.
  • Ball 2. The ball is hit in the air. The batsmen complete 1 run and have started off but not crossed for a 2nd. run when the ball is caught at extra cover.
  • Ball 3. The ball goes to the fine leg boundary. The umpire signals Leg bye and Boundary Four .
  • Ball 4. The ball goes to the 3rd. man boundary as the batsmen set off for a run. The umpire signals Dead ball.
  • Ball 5. The striker glances a fair delivery to fine leg. The bowler deliberately obstructs the striker as he is setting off for a 2nd. run, and then puts down the bowler`s wicket and appeals with the striker out of his ground.
  • Ball 6. The umpire calls & signals No ball. The striker edges the ball through the slip area and the batsmen run. The return throw from the thrd. man fielder, hits the fielding side`s helmet on the ground after the batsmen have crossed but not completed their 2nd. run.
  • Ball 7. The umpire Calls & signals Wide ball. The batsmen run 2 runs before the striker is Run out at the bowler`s end attempting a 3rd. run.
  • Ball 8. A fair delivery is hit towards the mid-wicket boundary. The batsmen are completing a 3rd. run when the fielder`s throw misses the wicket. The batsmen have completed a 4th. run, before the throw crosses the boundary at 3rd. man.
  • Ball 9. The striker hits a No ball towards mid-wicket. As the fielder turns to chase it , his sun hat blows off . The subsequent return throw bounces on the hat and goes on to put down the wicket at the bowler`s end, with the striker failing to complete a 3rd. run.
  • Ball 10. The striker hits the ball a second time to protect his wicket. A close fielder seeing the non-striker backing up, throws the ball at the bowler`s end wicket, misses and the ball runs to the boundary.
  • Ball 11. The ball is hit very high up in the air. The batsmen have crossed on their 2nd. run when the non-striker shoulder charges the bowler causing him to miss the catch. There is an appeal. The umpires confer and uphold the appeal for Obstructing the field.

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There will be a prize on offer for the first correct answer drawn when the competition closes next week.