Do you know the score ? - Answer sheet.

1. 170 runs
2. 8 wickets
3. 24 extras
4. 19 runs debited against the bowlers analysis. ( 3 No balls, 3 Wide balls, 13 runs off the bat.)
5. One the catch off the 2nd. ball
6. Yes, the 6 fair deliveries were balls, 2,3,4,8,10, and 11.

Ball by ball breakdown.

Ball1. 1 No ball extra, 4 Byes.
Ball2, Wicket caught 0 runs.
Ball3. 4 Leg byes.
Ball4. 0 runs.
Ball5. (not out) 2 runs, 5 Penalty runs. A Level 2 offence (for deliberate Obstruction by bowler under Law 42.3. The runs completed and started out for, are both scored).
Ball6. 1 No ball extra, 2 runs, 5 penalty runs.
Ball7. 3 Wide ball extras, Wicket Run out.
Ball8. 7 runs.
Ball9. 1 No ball extra, 2 runs, Wicket - Run out.
Ball10. 0 runs. ( Batsmen cannot score runs following a ball legally hit twice to protect his/her wicket.)
Ball11. 0 runs. Wicket Obstructing the field. ( No runs scored because the deliberate obstruction by the non-striker caused a possible catch to be missed). 5 Penalty runs (Level 2 offence again, under Law 42.3. for this incident,) go to the fielding side, so don`t appear on this innings score sheet. If the fielding side has already batted, its final score is immediately increased by 5 runs. If they still have to bat, their innings will commence as 5 runs for 0 wickets. Finally, as this action prevented a possible catch it is the striker who is out, even though his partner committed the offence.