Cork Harlequins have received a major boost by their acceptance into the Leinster League for the 2021 season.

The Munster club will continue to play in their local league in Cork as well, meaning double-header weekends throughout the campaign.

"With the support and backing of Cricket Leinster, the club and players have a really good opportunity to continue their development even further," club coach Ted Williamson told CricketEurope.

"These guys, who for the most part, have played with each other with club or province since they were around 13, are a really tight bunch and Pembroke and YMCA, amongst others, have shown what you can do if you give youth a chance. It takes time but the results are generally sustained for a period.

"I'm really looking forward to seeing the impact on the skill levels of the team on the players, as a result of playing two tough fixtures every weekend."

His views were shared by club skipper Ruadhan Jones, and the former Irish youth international, who has previous experience in the province believes it's a superb opportunity for the club.

"It's a fantastic opportunity to test ourselves. Many of the lads have come up through the ranks and are starting to mature into serious cricketers, so it will be interesting to see how they respond.

"No one knows what the season will look like – regardless, we’re planning for a full one and all the lads are doing their best to make the time count, getting that bit fitter and stronger for the season ahead. "

We’re delighted Leinster have given us the backing and all we want now is a chance to show what we can do."

The club will start their life in Leinster Cricket in Division Four.