John had always a great sense of humour and was very witty, which I always enjoyed when standing in matches with the former pace bowler.

I remember one time standing with him in a game at Killymallaght, where after the match as was customary, we adjourned to the bar for a few drinks and the various post mortems on the outcomes of decisions and the result.

We were enjoying the company of Raymond Mitchell and Dee Dunn, when rather earlier than we were accustomed to, the duo informed us that we would have to leave as they were closing to attend a band evening in Newbuildings.

Quick as a flash John turned to me and said, “Come on Connie, we will go too. I have a load of stones in the boot of the car..”

John, who turned 80 recently, gave great service to the North West Umpiring fraternity and was one of its longest serving members.

He can be seen regularly around the grounds of the region, and his son Ian is carrying on the family tradition.

He is making a real name for himself in umpiring circles, and has the ability and temperament to make it to the very top.