My first memory of the late Jim Kilgore was in my first season as an umpire.

We were appointed to stand together as an umpire in a match at Creevedonnell. I telephoned JIm to arrange a mutually convenient pick-up time, and was a little taken aback when he suggested 11.30, 90 minutes ahead of the starting time for a venue which was only a few miles away.

He arrived at the appointed time but rather than head in the direction of Creevedonnell, we had a diversion through the Waterside to the Oval Bar for a quick one and a chat.

Jim Kilgore with Tony Johnson during the 1993 NW Senior Cup final

Two hot whiskies duly drank we headed off to Creevedonnell where once the match started I realized how right Jim was as the temperature up in the altitude of Curryfree struggled to reach double digits in a biting wind.

Umpiring with Jim was always a pleasure, plenty of consultations, camaraderie and jokes shared.

He taught marching bands on both sides of the border and from both communities.

I found Jim great company and it was a sad day when he passed away.

“May the sod rest soft against his head.”