Another magnificent servant to the NW cricket officiating fraternity was former Eglinton, Campsie and Du Pont batsman, Robin Glenn, who was a powerful striker of the ball in his playing days.

He also served as NW Umpires, fixtures and appointments secretary, and was always a welcoming at any game, but especially at his beloved Eglinton.

Whenever you retired to the bar after a match in the village, Robin was always sure to have a pint waiting for the umpires in the pipes Ė without fail.

During his tenure as appointments secretary, he always gave plenty of notice on where you would require to be on a Saturday.

His son Warren, God rest his soul, was also an umpire before his sad death at a very young age, which obviously was a great tragedy for Robin and his wife.

Although Robinís own health hasnít been the best in recent years, he is still very cheerful whenever you meet him.

A fine umpire and colleague, someone whom the Union was very lucky to have.