Will the ill-fated EuroSlam competition finally get off the ground at the third time of asking?

The competition Twitter account came out of hibernation last week wishing followers a Happy St Patrick's Day, advising them to stay tuned for exciting news.

The first planned edition fell by the wayside due to financial concerns in 2019, while the 2020 event never really got beyond the initial planning stages due to Covid.

However the organisers did put their money where there mouth was in 2020, lodging what one Cricket Ireland head figure described as a 'significant sum' thought to be close to a million euros.

The governing body has set aside a three-week window, with the end of August and start of September allocated for the 2021 tournament.

They are hoping that the event finally gets the green light, providing much needed competition ahead of the T20 World Cup the following month in India.

If the competition doesn't go ahead, there will in all likelihood be contingency plans in pace for an international tournament with other European sides.