Ireland have appointed Gary Wilson and William Porterfield to coaching consultancy roles.

Porterfield has also been appointed as Assistant Coach for the North West Warriors, which he will combine with his playing role.

He will be the Consultant Fielding Coach, working across senior menís and womenís teams, and will additionally work within the national pathway system. This new role will be combined with his playing role within the senior squad.

ďIím really excited about these two roles," said Porterfield. "Both working within the national system and within the provincial system in the North West.

"I had a bit of a taste of coaching with the Birmingham Bears last year, and am looking forward to working with some of Irelandís most talented players Ė being able to pass on knowledge and experience from a coachís perspective. It will be a bit different being a coach while still playing, but itís going to be a great opportunity and I canít wait to get stuck in.

ďThe fielding role with Ireland is something Iím passionate about. Iíve prided myself on my fielding throughout my career, and tried to set high standards, so hopefully Iíll be able to help not only players from the senior menís and womenís squads, but players from the under-age teams as well.

ďThe role, though, isnít pigeon-holing me as just a fielding coach, Iíll certainly help out generally around the squads where Iím asked Ė which will give me not only direct coaching experience, but also myself being able to learn from the likes of Graham Ford, Stuart Barnes and Ben Smith, particularly on how to get things across to players. Itís great being able to impart knowledge, but knowing how to deliver a message and knowing the right time is important. Hopefully I can make a difference across the Irish set-up Ė both menís and womenís.

ďIím also looking forward to getting stuck in at the Warriors. Working with Wils [Gary Wilson] on the planning and training - and maybe to help take a bit of the burden off his shoulders - will be fantastic.Ē

Wilson has been appointed as a Consultant Wicket-Keeping Coach, working too with all teams.

ďIím thrilled to be able to support keepers up and down the Irish pathway in this new role. Itís a great opportunity to get back involved in the international set-up so soon after retirement, and itís a role Iím looking forward to massively.

ďWhen I was initially discussing the scope of the role, what I really felt added to it was the ability to share my knowledge and experience with the keepers within the womenís game.

"Ed has been doing such a fantastic job as Head Coach, and Iím delighted to be able to work with him on bringing on the senior and emerging talent that we have here in Ireland.Ē