It's very much a case of the tried and trusted for Bready as they embark on another season.

That is emphasized by the leadership group of skipper Davy Scanlon for the tenth year in succession, while his deputy is Irish international David Rankin for the 11th season in a row - both long overdue testimonials!

Sri Lankan all-rounder Irosh Samrasooriya who helped them to the Premier title in 2018 returns for his fourth season at the Magheramason club.

With an array of talent in their production line, two worth keeping a watch on are teenagers Khayat Bhavsar (17) and James McKillop (16) who have both played for the Warriors youth sides.

"Continuity is the key for our club at the moment." said club spokesperson Trevor Hamilton.

"We have a number of young players aged 15 upwards who have played for the NW underage teams over the past number of years who will all be pushing for first and second XI spots this season to continue their development.

"It was important that David Scanlon and Rankin continued leading the first team. Mark Olphert does sterling mentoring work with the seconds, and with Irosh continuing the work hes done during his time with us, we are optimistic for the season and the years ahead."