Premier League fixtures in the NCU will begin on 12th June with the hope, that by then, the Government restrictions will have relaxed to allow 50 overs games to be played.

Senior Sections 2 and 3 will follow a similar timetable, but with Section 1 sides due to start their league programme on 8th May a more creative solution has been agreed.

Following 'meetings' with clubs it has been decided that ten teams in Section 1 will start to play T20 fixtures and then switch to the longer-format as soon as restrictions are removed..

Apparently the only question of debate in those discussions being whether to complete the first round as T20 or switch immediately to the longer games so seemingly a win for the supporters of the the longer game.

NCU Chairman, Sam Beckett, said there will be flexibility built into the season given the unpredictability of the Covid-19 virus.
“The plan is in keeping with current government guidelines and timing. Should these restrictions be either relaxed or tightened we will react accordingly.”

The 2020 season proved if nothing else, that the Union and Clubs are capable of reacting and adapting to changing conditions and restrictions and are confident that will continue this time round if required.

Only the Challenge Cup draw is now required to complete the NCU Senior plans for 2021 and with the date of the Final set for Friday 13th August and the earlier rounds already pencilled in we shouldn't have to wait long for that final piece of the jigsaw.

Premier League Fixture list:

12th June
Carrickfergus v North Down
Waringstown v Instonians
Woodvale v Lisburn

19th June
Carrickfergus v Woodvale
Instonians v CSNI
Lisburn v CIYMS
North Down v Waringstown

26th June
CIYMS v Carrickfergus
North Down v Instonians
Lisburn v CSNI
Waringstown v Woodvale

3rd July
Gallagher Challenge Cup

4th July
Carrickfergus v Lisburn
North Down v CSNI
Woodvale v Instonians
Waringstown v CIYMS

10th July
CSNI v Carrickfergus
Instonians v CIYMS
Lisburn v Waringstown
North Down v Woodvale

17th July
CIYMS v North Down
Instonians v Lisburn
Waringstown v Carrickfergus
Woodvale v CSNI

24th July
Carrickfergus v Instonians
Waringstown v CSNI
North Down v Lisburn
Woodvale v CIYMS

31st July
Instonians v Waringstown
Lisburn v Woodvale
North Down v Carrickfergus

7th August
CIYMS v Lisburn
CSNI v Instonians
Waringstown v North Down
Woodvale v Carrickfergus

14th August
Carrickfergus v CIYMS
CSNI v Lisburn
Instonians v North Down
Woodvale v Waringstown

21st August
Carrickfergus v CSNI
CIYMS v Instonians
Waringstown v Lisburn
Woodvale v North Down

28th August
CIYMS v Waringstown
CSNI v North Down
Instonians v Woodvale
Lisburn v Carrickfergus

4th September
Carrickfergus v Waringstown
CSNI v Woodvale
Lisburn v Instonians
North Down v CIYMS

11th September
CIYMS v Woodvale
CSNI v Waringstown
Instonians v Carrickfergus
Lisburn v North Down