Andy Britton was understandably delighted to receive news this week that the 2022 European Cricket League has been given the green light and will get under way in February in the slightly warmer climes of Spain's Costa Del Sol.

"I didn't want to get my hopes up because the competition was cancelled in 2020 and again at the start of this year, but this is great news" he said.

"We will be based in Malaga from 14-18 February- playing our five group games there. I know it's a great spot because I was in Benalmadena for a week in 2019 and that whole area is a fantastic place.

Andy Britton

"I certainly had no bother getting a team when I put a message into the player's group chat anyway. Every single one of the current squad accepted the invitation straight away and we have a couple of irons in the fire at the minute as well in terms of new players, so there might be an extra face or two, who knows?"

Those irons are  believed to be Graeme McCarter, who is leaving Carrickfergus to return to the North West, while a Beechgrove return for Johnny Robinson has also been mooted.

Brigade have been drawn in Group B, alongside Cannacord Griffins from Guernsey, Norwegian side Bjorvika, Royal Tigers of Hungary, Sofia's Indo Bulgaria and Zagreb Sokol of Croatia.

The Beechgrove skipper won't be expected to know too much about any of those of course, but does know the prize for finishing top of their Group.

Brigade won four trophies in 2021

"I doubt if we'll know all that much about each other until we get there but it's the same for everybody. The five group winners will be back in March for a round robin tournament and there is prize-money at stake then, so we'd love to be involved in that too.

"As well as the players, we've received more than 30 enquiries so far about people wanting to go to support us. It's a bit unfortunate that the week we're there is the same as a lot of schools' mid-term breaks, so flights are a lot more expensive.

"It is the Costa Del Sol though. It should be some trip."