Whether you have set 280 or looking at chasing it, the break in between can be as important at the total on the board.

Most clubs are incredibly proud of their teas. Alackado's numbers rise and fall on the strength of a 'hang sandwich'.

Leaving my own club aside because of bias to their magnificent teas and world famous cream and jam scones.

Leinster Union teas have come on big time.

CY introduced me to Coronation chicken cricket sandwiches which are seriously good.

YM and Railway brought us the curry era which always leaves me wanting a Cobra beer and that might have made me bat, bowl or field better on occasions.

Clontarf do a great small egg roll job, while DUCC do a good tea out on the steps. Merrion always have great unusual fillings in the sambos which is great for me but not great for Luke Clinton and PB who have special sambos made for them in the Vineyard.

The Fingal clubs including Malahide always have a good honest feed and plenty to go around.

Rathmines do sausage rolls along with a great self service salad. Phoenix have salads, curries or lasagne pending on the day.

Phoenix is a dangerous spot if you aren't playing as their sponsors teas start just after the players tea. Many a second innings have not been viewed when Michael Brown, John Mullins and Gower get a grab of you and a bottle of red or 2.........

Now that all reads wonderful but on occasion it was not always that wonderful.

I remember being the youngster in the early 80s on a Hills side in a city centre club, where I was told to head to Mac Donalds and retrieved some Big Macs as 4 or 5 of the team didn't get enough to eat.

On another day when we refused to play in a Dublin 4 club because the run ups were too wet and our one quick couldn't run in at full speed. We headed into the bar and got stuck into the tea on our own only to have the tea taken from us as the home side had a centre wicket net on the same wet run ups.

A famous final that The Hills were involved back 30 years ago where the host club was allowed milk only once a day which confused our lads at the 4.15 tea break. 'No milk in in me tea' said Boris. Sure, we had to beat them after that.

A couple of notable one off teas I recall and stand out was a ISC semi final in Shaws Bridge. A magnificent array of sandwiches, sadly that's where the great memories ended as Andy White took a shine to the buffet we served up in 2nd innings and they chased down 270 with plenty to spare.

Another ISC this time across the country to the mighty Holm, where Chips and curry and sambos and 3 tiers of cakes stands full of every cake ever made. The tea was in front of us was huge but not quiet as huge as the 340 behind us on the board.

Put it this way. We may have beaten them on the table but never got close down the hill.

And finally a Leprechauns XI travelled to Ballyheignan lead by Bernard Burke of Phoenix who had a decent side at his disposal in the mid 80s.

After 10 overs a Jeep pulling a single horse box entered the ground and rolled up near Cow Corner, ( I knew the exact location as the local hurler come middle bat had landed three of my first six deliveries just over there five minutes earlier).

The back door was lowered and we were asked to come off for some light refreshments. Kilkenny being the home of Smithwicks. A glass or three was had, along with cream cakes and the mandatory 'hang sandwich'.

Back out for another 10 overs and then back to RED Rums taxi and more smithwicks and less cream cakes. Put it this way. We didn't win and BB wasn't happy with me and Ernie Jones. Never bowl to a farmer on an a stomach of Ales and cream Sponge cake. They don't mix.

Having said all this, it's a great day out at a cricket match. Let's not do away with the tea part of it. They have been the source of starting life long friendships, ending feuds and great banter, be them good or bad or in a horse box.