Leinster cricket has lost its greatest servant with Michael's passing.

Born in London, he spent his early years in Foxford, Co. Mayo, where the Moy sweeps gently and inexorably by, a fair analogy for Michael's time on this earth.

A Pembroke man through and through, he served 'The Foxes' in many capacities including President.

He was a good tourist, enjoying their tour to Oz in 1992/93, probably more remarkably in some ways (!!), bringing a smile to the Fifers faces @ Cupar C.C. on a Scotland trip, a testament to his cabaret skills.

A testament to his equanimity in ALL his work for the Leinster Cricket were his frank views on his fellow club members, " Don't mind Steve McCarthy", "That fella Ciaran Sharp!", He dealt with Louis Hoffman with one of those looks over the top of his glasses.

Myself and Michael arrived on 'The Junior Branch' (of the Leinster Cricket Union) in or around 1980 (Land-line & postcard era!!!).

While I (and others) kept talking, Michael took on the Secretary's role and did most if not ALL the work:- Minutes, League Tables, Cup Draws etc. etc. The annually produced L.C.U. Handbook said it all. That Michael kept it up until 2017 says it all.

Occasionally Michael would enter discussions, but his innate fairness could often lead to him expressing both sides of an argument.

One occasion when this was NOT the case was during a meeting on a miserable November night in Castle Avenue's "Otto's Hole", and following a rambling discussion on points awarded for rain-affected draws, Michael pounded, "You can't legislate for bad weather!! (Duckworth/Lewis/Sharp, perhaps? !!).

Whether you played your cricket in Div.1 or Div.17. a mile or 170 miles from D4. it was all the same to Michael.

In Cliodhna's words, A Lovely Man. 

Who made a lovely job of Leinster cricket.