The match schedule for the remainder of the ICC Men's T20 World Cup Sub Regional Europe Qualifier C has now been finalised after it was confirmed that three match officials will no longer take any part in the event.

Following a road traffic accident in Belgium on 1 July involving the three tournament match officials, a decision has been reached that the individuals will take no further part in the event, even though the individuals have not sustained serious physical injury.

As a result the fixtures originally scheduled for today at Ghent Oval - Gibraltar against Israel and Malta versus Hungary - have now been abandoned due to insufficient number of match officials to complete these fixtures during the remainder of the tournament.

It has been agreed by the Event Technical Committee in order to complete the tournament, Group 1 (3rd) v Group 2 (3rd) - Gibraltar v Malta - and Group 1 (4th) v Group 2 (4th) - Israel v Hungary - will now take place on Sunday 3 July, previously scheduled as a tournament rest day, in line with the ICC's Tournament Playing Conditions. All remaining fixtures will now take place at Royal Brussels Cricket Club.