The last time the Netherlands and USA played a one-day match against each other was the 2004 ICC Six Nations Challenge. The Dutch won that day but the the Americans would go on to win the tournament and qualify for that year's ICC Champions Trophy, their sole appearance at a major global event to date.

Cricket in the USA should have moved on from then. The days of mutliple ICC suspensions under USACA are behind them and the team is younger - eight of that 2004 team were over 35 (with five over 40) compared with just one played aged 35 and most under 30 in today's line-up.

But in reality, despite long being a darling of some in ICC management, depsite all the chances they were given during suspensions and an expulsion, despite all the hype over Major League Cricket (and the associated Minor League), the national team doesn't appear to have moved on at all, and may even have gone backwards.

Their batting line-up today played the game like an ODI from the 1980s. Not a single player scored at faster than a run a ball. Shayan Jahangir's 71 from 86 balls was the top score. Gajanand Singh and Jessy Singh scored 33 and 38 respectively, but both took up over 50 balls in the process.