Book coverThree years ago I stumbled upon 'American Cricket' which led me to write, 'Flannels on the Sward, History of Cricket in Americas' which is now available on Amazon in B&W and soon to be released in full color.

American Cricket history has been covered in only 3 books and this by far has the most detailed coverage with 135 pictures, some never before seen in print (about 50 in color) and material which has never been published before, like the scores and details of the Philadelphia team who were the first foreign team to visit the Caribbean in 1887-88. The CEO of ACF (American Cricket Federation) recently gave a 5 star review on Amazon.

This is my maiden effort at writing and it has taken me 3 years of non-stop research/writing to put this visually delightful and unsung American Cricket History together. The first chapter will interest the readers as it contains information on a game called 'Wicket' which may be the forerunner to modern Cricket and Connecticut has the unique distinction of being home to that game for more than 300 years!

The book is about the remarkable American Cricket History which traces the origins of cricket in America from its' early days to modern times. One does not normally associate America with Cricket but the reality is that after England, America has the earliest cricketing history & pioneers going as far back as 1650s!

The first time an English team left for an overseas tour to play cricket, was to America/Canada in 1859, even before they visited Australia. Australia and Ireland started visiting Philadelphia which was the cricketing capital in America and they in turn sent teams to play in England. Cricket followed the English, so we find in South America countries like Argentina, Brazil, Chile & Mexico with cricket history going back to early 1800s.

The book also covers Canadian and early West Indian tours to America. I have collected unique pictures from libraries, universities, clubs etc. and reference material from rare and hard to find books.

The local NBC television station did a story on it and so did NPR who did a partial coverage on an early game called Wicket and will do another story on the rest of the book.

The book has detailed notes, bibliography and index. I am hopeful that it will find wide readership even in Europe amongst cricket aficionados and be looked upon as an excellent reference book on American Cricket History, and the full color version creates a bigger impact as this is a visual treat in times past.

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