An investigation into possible irregularities in the Bulgarian Cricket Federation is to take place according to a Bulgarian sports website. reported yesterday that ICC Europe Regional Development Officer Chris Porter has ordered the investigation, apparently after a tip off from Sofia Cricket Club.

The article reports that there are only five active clubs in the country, when the minimum number for an ICC affiliate member is eight. The Bulgarian Cricket Federation are reporting several more clubs.

Another affiliate member requirement is to have two grounds available to play cricket. The BCF reported on the 2012 ICC census that they had 8 grounds, but the article suggests that there is only one in the country, and even that isn't a dedicated cricket ground.

Concerns have also been raised as to the transparency of the distribution of funds, with clubs in the country allegedly receiving no funds from the BCF in recent seasons.

Information is understandably vague as to exactly what is going on, but it seems possible that the BCF could well face suspension from the ICC if the investigation confirms that these allegations are accurate.

There have long been rumours of such "creative accounting" when it comes to ICC census figures, but this would seem to be the first time an investigation has taken place into them.