Barry Chambers: Kevin Pakistan, happy memories for yourself and Irish Cricket. I suppose this is where it all really started, March 17th 2007?

Kevin O'Brien:  Of course it's a long time ago now, six years. But as you said it's probably the birth of Irish Cricket on the world cricket stage. So it always, I suppose whenever we play Pakistan, it always holds a special memory for the guys involved.

Kevin O'Brien bowling against Pakistan in the 2007 World CupKevin O'Brien bowling against Pakistan in the 2007 World Cup

Barry Chambers: The flipside of that is Pakistan have revenge in their minds, you know they owe us one, don't they, anytime you play them they're going to look to really hammer us?

Kevin O'Brien:   Exactly, they showed that in 2011 when we played them in Belfast, you know they took us on and they beat us 2-0. So I suppose we owe them maybe a bit of revenge this time around. But as you said, they're an ever improving side, you know they have world class players and we've got to be at our best to even compete with them tomorrow and Sunday. So we know that, we know the challenge, it's going to be a difficult game, but you know we're all set for that.

Kevin and Niall O'Brien combine to take a Pakistan wicketKevin and Niall O'Brien combine to capture a Pakistan wicket

Barry Chambers: It's a pretty experienced side now, and a pretty professional one compared to that team in 2007. There's no Postmen or Teachers anymore, it's all Full Time Cricketers more or less?

Kevin O'Brien: Yes, exactly, which I suppose shows the strides Cricket Ireland has made off the pitch in the last six year, and I suppose the strides we have made on it. So it's a different team, a different make up of the team I should say, but we still have the same goals each and all of us. We still want to play for the shamrock and put in our best performances.

Kevin O'Brien batting against Pakistan at Sabina ParkKevin O'Brien batting against Pakistan at Sabina Park

Barry Chambers: And here at Clontarf, I mean conditions look as if they're going to favour ourselves, it's going to be cloudy, it's going to be cold, bit of green in the pitch. A chance of another upset maybe?

Kevin O'Brien: Definitely, you know, as long as we come in the right frame of mind, and we come well prepared, which we are, and believing in our own ability, there's no reason why we can't pull off another win, you know. But in saying that we all know it's going to be a difficult game. But these are the games we live for, and the games we want more and more of, especially here at home.

And, of course, the match that day in 2013 at Clontarf finished in a tie with Kevin sweeps the final ball to the boundary to earn the tie!