Portadown's match against Short & Harland in August 1970 produced one of the most amazing innings ever played in Irish cricket. Tom Guy hit 3 sixes and 20 fours in his innings of 145 not out - the other eight batsmen could only manage 7 runs between them!

The seventh wicket partnership between Guy and Haycock put on 81 runs with Guy scoring 80 of them … and the 8th wicket added 35 runs with Guy scoring them all.

Tom Guy therefore scored over 95% of Portadown's total - an incredibly high percentage.

Saturday 29 August 1970
Short & Harland 149 all out
Portadown 152-7
Portadown won by 3 wickets

A Edgar        ct McLaughlin b R Gilmour    0
T Simpson        c McCormick b R Gilmour    3
Tom Guy                          not out  145
M Hare             c Jamison b S Malcolm    0
M Matchett         c Jamison b R Gilmour    1
T Harris            c Lavery b S Malcolm    1
G McCabe                     b S Malcolm    1
T Haycock           c S Malcolm b Louden    1
P Graham                           not out  0
  Extras                                    0
  Total            (for 7 wickets)        152
Tom GuyTom Guy