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The Ryan Bailey Column
Ryan Bailey
Rankin return adds steel to Ireland
DEFECTION. BETRAYAL. DESERTION. Call it what you want, cricketer Boyd Rankin has heard it all before. He's learned to take no notice of it and doesn't care much for outside opinion.
TJ on life after Ireland
Rewinding two years, there's a charming photo of Trent Johnston and his young family in Dublin Airport. It's a matter of days before Christmas and Ireland had just returned from Dubai where they completed the final leg of a prodigious treble.
Time for youth to deliver
Never has the issue of youth development, across all sports, been so vehemently debated.
The nosiy neighbours
When the neighbours are around, the good silver usually gets an airing and certainly Malahide will have pulled out all the stops but the days of Ireland bestowing a hospitable welcome on their guests have passed.
Ireland at a crossroads
Ireland's World Cup fate had barely been confirmed before the ICC's official Twitter account had congratulated Phil Simmons' side 'for a wonderful campaign' as well as thanking them for the 'memories, passion and excitement' they had brought to the tournament.
Sponsorship battle a reminder of the dangers of aiming too high
So, when RSA decided against extending their seven-year partnership with Cricket Ireland, it was, although played down at the time, a body blow - the insurance firm had invested a seven figure sum into Irish cricket.
No room for sentiment as golden tickets distributed
Above all, it says a great deal about how far Irish cricket has come that a squad announcement, for a preparatory series against two of our Associate counterparts, has engendered such discourse.
The numbers don't add up
Of the 25,000 children playing cricket across the island of Ireland this year, how many will still be involved in the sport in five, ten, fifteen years time? The answer - very few. The dropout rate, across all sports, currently exceeds the rate at which people are taking up sport.
Spate of injuries exposes soft underbelly
What has happened to the much-trumpeted and widely-acclaimed next generation? Where have the heir apparents disappeared to?
Home from home
Do you ever find yourself, when on foreign soil, trying to envisage what it would be like to live in that particular city or country?
London Calling
Ryan on his first week in London where he is spending the summer covering county cricket for Cricinfo.
The next generation game
A look at the youth policies already starting to pay dividends.
Ireland on sponsor search
Cricket Ireland have begun the process of searching for a new title sponsor in time for next year's World Cup.
Never mind the quality feel the growth
Accepting new clubs willy nilly represents growth but won't improve standard in Leinster or Irish cricket.
Homeward Bound Ireland seek answers
It's only natural to search for answers, assign the blame and probe for shortcomings when disappointment is still the overwhelming emotion.
Aversion to failure driving World T20 aspirations
For Ireland, the perennial giant killing tag of bygone tournaments is in storage for the time being.
Ireland Women stepping out of the mire
Barren eight years comes to an end when Ireland Women head to Bangladesh for T20 World Cup.
Time to confront the elephant in the room
Globally, more than 350 million people of all ages suffer from a mental illness. That's about 5% of the world's population. One in five people suffer from depression during their life. The figures are harrowing.
Hard-work bearing fruit for pioneering O'Brien
The 29-year-old has quickly become Ireland's first global trailblazer. He's been a Gladiator and a Saber, an Outlaw and a Lion, a Rangpur Rider and more recently, a member of the Red Steel.
New Year, bigger challenges
The challenges that face Ireland in 2014 include defeating Full Members and finding a replacement for Trent Johnston.
A team creating a sporting dynasty with little recognition
Three global titles in 2013 but still not good enough for the RTE and Irish Sports Council awards committee.
Wilson's stock keeps rising
Ireland and Surrey's Gary Wilson has become accustomed to being in esteemed company.
Continuity breeds success for Simmons and Ireland
Success in Twenty20 originates from a regular and reliable method of which all players are accustomed and confident in.