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The Michael Taylor Column
Michael Taylor
Trying to survive in London
For what it's worth, I have found that trying to survive in London is actually a lot like trying to survive in the Premier League.
Goodbye and Good Luck
Some very good things happened in NCU and Irish cricket in 2015. So, here are my positive(!) reflections on the seven months that I have spent working for CricketEurope since the World Cup.
Another venture into the lions' den
There was no column last week, I was sick. This is a Good Thing, since I could not write about our trip to Waringstown.
Rain, another defeat and golf
Now, in a bizarre volte face, I'm going to be positive about sport in Ballymena. Unfortunately, the sport is golf.
Capitulation at Lisburn
'I am just going outside and may be some time.' These were the words uttered by Lawrence Oates in 1912 when he sacrificed himself to the Antarctic elements.
Wind, nostalgia and what to do when it rains
Sightscreens laden with sandbags went flying, top edges and toe-ends carried into the Braid, and at least one of our seamers who was running into the wind is still trying to reach the crease.
The strange death of NCU cricket
The argument that cricket is 'growing' in the NCU cannot be sustained. In fact, it has been steadily declining over the past twenty years - fewer teams, fewer matches, less cricket being played during these matches.
Of ICC and tournaments
The column this week is not really about cricket, but then neither is the tournament - the Twenty20 World Cup Qualifier - that CricketEurope is covering.
On winning, weather and tents
These are the days of miracles and wonder - now we have won twice in five matches. Elsewhere, we have been forbidden from providing anything like 'live' coverage of the tournament.
Losing to Waringstown and watching Waringstown lose
I didn't say much about our defeat to Waringstown last week. These matches are no longer close and the gulf in class does not require explanation. The whole day, however, fitted perfectly with Ballymena's two mottos for 2015.
The Irish attack and the myth of the 8 team league
It's a different - and longer - blog this week that analyzes two things: the Irish attack and the myths of the eight-team league.
Nostradamus may have been right
The long-delayed open-top bus tour of the town centre has been planned for the week ahead, when we shall proudly parade the four points in front of our adoring public.
The Subject of Criticism
In the last two matches that I've played, I have been the subject of some fairly snide and unpleasant comments relating to my work for CricketEurope.
Describing my own suicide
It is a rare thing to describe your own suicide to its conclusion, but that is what I shall do. Perhaps it is all that I can do, because there is no other way to describe my dismissal against Instonians last Saturday.
The subject of parody
I've made it. Or at least I had done for a few hours on Wednesday. Why? I had my own parody Twitter account.
It does not get easier
Four weeks into the season and we have suffered four defeats in four different competitions.
Low scores and promoting Irish Cricket
I will not talk about it very much, except to the psychotherapist I hired first thing on Wednesday morning.
Early Irish Cup exit for Ballymena
My first 'white ball' match in Ireland, my first chance to 'take the black' in Ballymena's colours. I did not make an auspicious debut.
Rain, commentating, and apathy
It was so wet that we and Lisburn agreed not even to try, so I cannot regale you with tales of early teas, or changing-room cricket -
The visit to Comber
Scores of 301-6 versus 259-5 belied the notion that The Green's square has been in terminal decline.
Into the breach once more
Michael Taylor begins his new weekly blog with a look at Ballymena's prospects for this season.