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North West Archives
Senior Cup
Scorecard Eglinton v Brigade, 10 September.
Scorecard Bready v Eglinton, 22 August.
Scorecard Brigade v Newbuildings, 21 August.
Scorecard Brigade v Newbuildings, 28 July.
NW Senior Cup
Bready lost to Eglinton by 1 wicket
Magheramason, 22 August.
Bready 191 (45.5 overs, D Rankin 63, D Scanlon 61, R Wylie 3-20, R Millar 2-16, A Millar 2-32)
Eglinton 192-9 (50.0 overs, T Orr 80, D Scanlon 3-36, S Lazars 2-27, C Olphert 2-31)
NW Senior Cup
Brigade v Newbuildings - no result
Beechgrove, 21 August.
Newbuildings 162 (39.4 overs, R Hunter 42, R Dougherty 34, D Barr 4-28, R Macbeth 2-48)
NW Senior Cup
Brigade beat Newbuildings by 3 wickets
Beechgrove, 28 July.
Newbuildings 185 (49.5 overs, M Hanna 45, Ross Hunter 42, R Allen 2-9, D Barr 2-26, A Britton 2-46)
Brigade 189-7 (42.5 overs, A McDaid 50, K Magee 33, J Thompson 4-36)
Round 2
Scorecard Bready v Ballyspallen, 15 August.
Scorecard Eglinton v Bonds Glen, 15 August.
Scorecard Ardmore v Brigade, 14 August.
Scorecard Newbuildings v Donemana, 14 August.
NW Senior Cup
Bready beat Ballyspallen by 9 wickets
Magheramason, 15 August.
Ballyspallen 53 (25.0 overs, G McFaul 3-11, S Lazars 2-4, C Olphert 2-13)
Bready 54-1 (8.1 overs)
NW Senior Cup
Eglinton beat Bonds Glen by 4 wickets
Eglinton, 15 August.
Bonds Glen 133 (40.5 overs, R Afridi 38, M Barr 35, R Wylie 6-19, Sim Dunn 3-20)
Eglinton 134-6 (41.0 overs, T Orr 42, R Millar 26, R Afridi 4-20)
NW Senior Cup
Ardmore lost to Brigade by 4 wickets
The Bleachgreen, 14 August.
Ardmore 192 (50.0 overs, R Gaur 45, R Brolly 30*, D Singh 29, D Barr 6-36, I Hussain 2-23, R Allen 2-30)
Brigade 193-6 (48.4 overs, D Barr 94*, A McDaid 38, T Koen 3-31)
NW Senior Cup
Newbuildings beat Donemana by 28 runs
Foyleview Arena, 14 August.
Newbuildings 273 (44.3 overs, J Thompson 144, Ryan Hunter 34, M Hanna 27, W McBrine 4-61, A McBrine 3-9, L Dougherty 2-53)
Donemana 245 (41.4 overs, D McGerrigle 71, W McClintock 71, K Dougherty 45, Ross Hunter 4-41, J Thompson 3-58)
Round 1
Scorecard Newbuildings v Glendermott, 17 July.
Scorecard Brigade v Fox Lodge, 17 July.
Scorecard Bready v The Nedd, 17 July.
Scorecard Burndennett v Eglinton, 17 July.
Scorecard Coleraine v Bonds Glen, 17 July.
Scorecard St Johnston v Donemana, 17 July.
Scorecard Ballyspallen v Killyclooney, 17 July.
Scorecard Strabane v Ardmore, 17 July.
Senior Leagues
Fox Lodge710061636
NW Premiership
Ardmore (25) v Coleraine (0) - match awarded to Ardmore
The Bleachgreen, 5 September.
NW Premiership
Fox Lodge (0) v Newbuildings (25) - match awarded to Newbuildings
Ballymagorry, 5 September.
NW Premiership
Brigade (22) beat Eglinton (3) by 29 runs
Beechgrove, 5 September.
Eglinton 141 (31.4 overs, C Averill 68*, I Hussain 3-25, D Barr 2-14, R Allen 2-34)
Brigade 84-1 (20.0 overs, I Hussain 44, D Barr 27*)
DLS Method: par score 55 in 20 overs.
NW Premiership
Coleraine (0) lost to Brigade (25) by 64 runs
Sandel Lodge, 29 August.
Brigade 246-4 (40.0 overs, K Magee 100*, R Macbeth 90, G Burns 4-28)
Coleraine 182-5 (40.0 overs, D Cooke 71*, M Hutchinson 52*, R Allen 2-28, R Macbeth 2-31)
NW Premiership
Eglinton (13) tied with Ardmore (13)
Eglinton, 29 August.
Eglinton 172 (38.2 overs, J Millar 35, A Millar 35, R Gaur 5-40, T Koen 2-31)
Ardmore 172 (39.2 overs, J Wilson 54, T Koen 42, R Millar 3-30, M Averill 2-22, Ste Dunn 2-23)
Scorecard Donemana v Ardmore, 28 August.
Scorecard Fox Lodge v Donemana, 15 August.
Scorecard Ardmore v Newbuildings, 15 August.
Scorecard Eglinton v Bready, 14 August.
Scorecard Newbuildings v Bready, 7 August.
Scorecard Eglinton v Ardmore, 7 August.
Scorecard Coleraine v Fox Lodge, 7 August.
Scorecard Fox Lodge v Eglinton, 31 July.
Scorecard Bready v Coleraine, 31 July.
St Johnston6500119119
Bonds Glen630032282

NW Championship
Bonds Glen (25) beat Burndennett (0) by 134 runs
Bonds Glen, 28 August.
Bonds Glen 290-8 (40.0 overs, R Curry 58, D Curry 51, S Kincaid 40, A Barr 3-68, A McNamee 2-30, M Roulston 2-60)
Burndennett 156 (31.0 overs, M Pollock 57*, M Mehaffey 50, A Barr 26, R Curry 4-23, M Barr 3-50)
NW Championship
Ballyspallen (0) lost to Glendermott (25) by 10 wickets
21 August.
Ballyspallen 82 (24.5 overs, S McCluskey 26, N Anwar 4-11, A Johnson 2-14, I Cooke 2-17)
Glendermott 83-0 (13.3 overs, N Anwar 59*)
Scorecard St Johnston v Burndennett, 15 August.
Scorecard Killyclooney v Strabane, 14 August.
Scorecard Ballyspallen v Bonds Glen, 14 August.
Scorecard St Johnston v Ballyspallen, 7 August.
Scorecard Glendermott v Killyclooney, 7 August.
Scorecard Burndennett v Glendermott, 31 July.
Scorecard Strabane v Ballyspallen, 31 July.
Scorecard Killyclooney v St Johnston, 31 July.
Group A
Fox Lodge740031999
St Johnston730041373
Bonds Glen720052060
Scorecard Bready v Bonds Glen, 24 July.
Scorecard Strabane v St Johnston, 24 July.
Scorecard Brigade v Fox Lodge, 24 July.
Scorecard Ardmore v Glendermott, 24 July.
Scorecard Bonds Glen v Strabane, 18 July.
Scorecard Bready v St Johnston, 18 July.
Scorecard Ardmore v Fox Lodge, 18 July.
Scorecard Glendermott v Brigade, 18 July.
Scorecard Fox Lodge v Glendermott, 10 July.
Scorecard Strabane v Bready, 10 July.
Scorecard St Johnston v Bonds Glen, 10 July.
Scorecard Brigade v Ardmore, 10 July.
Scorecard Bready v Ardmore, 3 July.
Scorecard Brigade v Strabane, 3 July.
Scorecard Glendermott v St Johnston, 3 July.
Scorecard Fox Lodge v Bonds Glen, 3 July.
Scorecard Strabane v Ardmore, 26 June.
Scorecard Bonds Glen v Glendermott, 26 June.
Scorecard Fox Lodge v Bready, 26 June.
Scorecard St Johnston v Brigade, 26 June.
Scorecard Ardmore v St Johnston, 19 June.
Scorecard Brigade v Bonds Glen, 19 June.
Scorecard Glendermott v Bready, 19 June.
Scorecard Fox Lodge v Strabane, 19 June.
Scorecard Bonds Glen v Ardmore, 12 June.
Scorecard St Johnston v Fox Lodge, 12 June.
Scorecard Bready v Brigade, 12 June.
Scorecard Strabane v Glendermott, 12 June.
Group B
Scorecard Killyclooney v Ballyspallen, 24 July.
Scorecard Burndennett v Coleraine, 24 July.
Scorecard Newbuildings v Donemana, 24 July.
Scorecard Eglinton v Killyclooney, 18 July.
Scorecard Ballyspallen v Burndennett, 18 July.
Scorecard Coleraine v Newbuildings, 18 July.
Scorecard Newbuildings v Burndennett, 10 July.
Scorecard Eglinton v Coleraine, 10 July.
Scorecard Donemana v Ballyspallen, 10 July.
Scorecard Burndennett v Donemana, 3 July.
Scorecard Coleraine v Killyclooney, 3 July.
Scorecard Ballyspallen v Eglinton, 3 July.
Scorecard Coleraine v Ballyspallen, 26 June.
Scorecard Donemana v Killyclooney, 26 June.
Scorecard Eglinton v Newbuildings, 26 June.
Scorecard Ballyspallen v Newbuildings, 19 June.
Scorecard Killyclooney v Burndennett, 19 June.
Scorecard Eglinton v Donemana, 19 June.
Scorecard Newbuildings v Killyclooney, 12 June.
Scorecard Donemana v Coleraine, 12 June.
Scorecard Burndennett v Eglinton, 12 June.
T20 Cups
Faughan Valley Cup
Scorecard Final: Eglinton v Brigade, 25 July.
Scorecard Semi-Final: Brigade v Bready, 9 July.
Scorecard Semi-Final: Eglinton v Donemana, 9 July.
NW T20 Faughan Valley
Eglinton lost to Brigade by 2 wickets
Eglinton, 25 July.
Eglinton 160-5 (20.0 overs, A Millar 76*, T Orr 39, R Allen 2-6, I Hussain 2-31)
Brigade 164-8 (20.0 overs, I Hussain 51, D Barr 50, R Wylie 2-19, R Millar 2-25)
NW T20 Faughan Valley
Eglinton beat Donemana by 23 runs
Eglinton, 9 July.
Eglinton 157-7 (20.0 overs, M Averill 33, J Millar 30, W McBrine 2-19, G McClintock 2-27)
Donemana 134-9 (20.0 overs, R McBrine 52, A Millar 3-37, M Averill 2-25)
NW T20 Faughan Valley
Brigade beat Bready by 6 wickets
Beechgrove, 9 July.
Bready 120-7 (20.0 overs, Irosh Samarasooriya 30, M Magee 26*, I Young 25*, R Barr 3-29, A Britton 2-12)
Brigade 123-4 (18.3 overs, K Magee 55*, D Scanlon 2-16)
Eric Cooke Cup
Scorecard Final: Strabane v Fox Lodge, 13 August.
Scorecard Semi-Final: Newbuildings v Strabane, 9 July.
Scorecard Semi-Final: Ardmore v Fox Lodge, 9 July.
NW T20 Eric Cooke
Strabane beat Fox Lodge by 38 runs
Strabane Park, 13 August.
Strabane 127-6 (20.0 overs, R Gallagher 41*, A Gillespie 34, J McIntyre 2-21, A Walker 2-23)
Fox Lodge 89-5 (20.0 overs, C Doherty 31, R Gallagher 3-9)
NW T20 Eric Cooke
Ardmore lost to Fox Lodge by 67 runs
The Bleachgreen, 9 July.
Fox Lodge 159-8 (20.0 overs, J Milligan 48*, TJ Nicholl 32, P Harrigan 3-27, R Gaur 2-25)
Ardmore 92 (17.2 overs, J Robinson 3-12, A Heywood 3-32, J McIntyre 2-18)
NW T20 Eric Cooke
Newbuildings lost to Strabane by 98 runs
Foyleview Arena, 9 July.
Strabane 170-3 (20.0 overs, A Gillespie 100*, R Gallagher 26)
Newbuildings 72 (14.1 overs, Ryan Hunter 27, Tanvir Hassan 5-19, Rjys Logue 3-18)
Sperrin Springs Cup
Scorecard Final: Killyclooney v St Johnston, 30 July.
Scorecard Semi-Final: Killyclooney v Coleraine, 9 July.
Scorecard St Semi-Final: Johnston v Glendermott, 9 July.
NW T20 Sperrin Springs
St Johnston beat Killyclooney by 7 runs
Burndennett, 30 July.
St Johnston 119 (19.2 overs, D Lapsley 31, M Orr 27*, J Connor 3-32, J Nelson 2-13, J Wallace 2-27)
Killyclooney 112-8 (20.0 overs, G Moan 28, D Anthony 2-16, M Rankin 2-19, I Macbeth 2-25)
NW T20 Sperrin Springs
St Johnston beat Glendermott by 5 wickets
The Boathole, 9 July.
Glendermott 140-6 (20.0 overs, Nauman Anwar 77, D Anthony 4-39)
St Johnston 143-5 (19.2 overs, M Rankin 42, J Macbeth 37, I Macbeth 25*, S Moore 3-28, C Ross 2-24)
NW T20 Sperrin Springs
Killyclooney beat Coleraine by 8 wickets
Killyclooney, 9 July.
Coleraine 125-8 (20.0 overs, D Cooke 31, T Dougherty 3-19, J Connor 2-18, W Finlay 2-26)
Killyclooney 126-2 (18.1 overs, A Colhoun 57*, T Dougherty 54*)
League Phase
Group A
Fox Lodge630031878
Bonds Glen62004848
Scorecard Coleraine v Eglinton, 15 May.
Scorecard Fox Lodge v Bonds Glen, 15 May.
Scorecard Bonds Glen v Coleraine, 8 May.
Scorecard Eglinton v Fox Lodge, 8 May.
NW T20 Group A
Eglinton (25) beat Bonds Glen (0) by 50 runs
Eglinton, 6 June.
Eglinton 139-5 (20.0 overs, C Averill 50, S Kincaid 2-24)
Bonds Glen 89-8 (20.0 overs, M Averill 2-12, R Millar 2-13, S Adair 2-21)
NW T20 Group A
Fox Lodge (23) beat Coleraine (2) by 6 wickets
Ballymagorry, 6 June.
Coleraine 118-6 (20.0 overs, D Cooke 62*, A Heywood 2-26)
Fox Lodge 122-4 (19.0 overs, B Allen 72*, S Campbell 2-20)
NW T20 Group A
Bonds Glen (24) beat Fox Lodge (1) by 7 wickets
Bonds Glen, 5 June.
Fox Lodge 54-3 (5.0 overs)
Bonds Glen 55-3 (5.0 overs)
NW T20 Group A
Eglinton (3) lost to Coleraine (22) by 14 runs
Eglinton, 5 June.
Coleraine 74-5 (10.0 overs, S Adair 2-8)
Eglinton 60 (9.1 overs, C Averill 34, R Knox 3-3, Varun Chopra 3-5, G Burns 2-15)
NW T20 Group A
Fox Lodge (25) beat Eglinton (0) by 43 runs
Ballymagorry, 29 May.
Fox Lodge 107-5 (20.0 overs, TJ Nicholl 26)
Eglinton 64-9 (20.0 overs, A Heywood 2-8, A Walker 2-8, J McIntyre 2-19)
NW T20 Group A
Coleraine (24) beat Fox Lodge (1) by 27 runs
Sandel Lodge, 22 May.
Coleraine 72-9 (20.0 overs, A Heywood 3-14, J Robinson 3-15)
Fox Lodge 45 (16.5 overs, S Campbell 4-19, G Burns 2-6)
NW T20 Group A
Bonds Glen (0) lost to Eglinton (25) by 10 wickets
Bonds Glen, 22 May.
Bonds Glen 92-7 (20.0 overs, S Barr 26, Simon Dunn 2-13, M Averill 2-25)
Eglinton 93-0 (16.0 overs, C Averill 49*, T Orr 33*)
NW T20 Group A
Fox Lodge (25) beat Bonds Glen (0) by 64 runs
Ballymagorry, 15 May.
Fox Lodge 134-3 (20.0 overs, J Milligan 44, A Logue 34, TJ Nicholl 25)
Bonds Glen 70 (17.0 overs, J McIntyre 4-9, J Robinson 2-5, A Heywood 2-17)
NW T20 Group A
Coleraine (2) lost to Eglinton (23) by 15 runs
Sandel Lodge, 15 May.
Eglinton 103-8 (20.0 overs, T Orr 35, J Millar 25, A Whitcroft 4-25)
Coleraine 88-4 (20.0 overs, S Campbell 29, D Cooke 26*, Simon Dunn 2-11, R Millar 2-17)
NW T20 Group A
Bonds Glen (24) beat Coleraine (1) by 7 wickets
Bonds Glen, 8 May.
Coleraine 163-5 (20.0 overs, D Cooke 59, M Hutchinson 43, P Carson 31, S Kincaid 2-8)
Bonds Glen 164-3 (19.3 overs, R Curry 58*, M Barr 52, A Whitcroft 2-28)
NW T20 Group A
Eglinton (21) beat Fox Lodge (4) by 3 wickets
Eglinton, 8 May.
Fox Lodge 90-9 (20.0 overs, J Robinson 27, M Averill 3-7, Simon Dunn 3-11)
Eglinton 95-7 (18.0 overs, A Heywood 2-11, J McIntyre 2-14, L Kerr 2-17)
Group B
Scorecard Bready v Newbuildings, 15 May.
Scorecard Burndennett v Glendermott, 15 May.
Scorecard Glendermott v Bready, 8 May.
Scorecard Newbuildings v Burndennett, 8 May.
NW T20 Group B
Bready (25) beat Burndennett (0) by 60 runs
Magheramason, 6 June.
Bready 131-9 (20.0 overs, S Lazars 33, I Young 27, C Roulston 4-24)
Burndennett 71-8 (20.0 overs, S Lazars 3-10, C Knight 2-10)
NW T20 Group B
Glendermott (3) lost to Newbuildings (22) by 3 wickets
The Rectory, 6 June.
Glendermott 176-5 (20.0 overs, N McGuire 56, S Laird 33, T Moore 31*, J Dunn 3-17, Ross Hunter 2-32)
Newbuildings 178-7 (18.1 overs, R Dougherty 45, T McKeegan 32*, M Hanna 27, J Curry 2-24, A Johnson 2-38)
NW T20 Group B
Newbuildings (1) lost to Bready (24) by 9 wickets
Foyle View Arena, 5 June.
Newbuildings 102-3 (9.0 overs, J Thompson 40, B Mills 30)
Bready 104-1 (5.4 overs, Irosh Samrasooriya 87*)
NW T20 Group B
Burndennett (1) lost to Glendermott (24) by 7 wickets
Burndennett, 5 June.
Burndennett 103-6 (12.0 overs, A Barr 36, T Killen 2-27)
Glendermott 104-3 (11.3 overs, N McGuire 40, C Pollock 3-29)
NW T20 Group B
Bready (25) beat Glendermott (0) by 9 wickets
Magheramason, 29 May.
Glendermott 106-8 (20.0 overs, N McGuire 34, Khayat Bhavsar 3-17)
Bready 110-1 (16.2 overs, D Rankin 52*, Irosh Samrasooriya 29*)
NW T20 Group B
Burndennett (2) lost to Newbuildings (23) by 5 wickets
Burndennett, 29 May.
Burndennett 106-8 (20.0 overs, M Mehaffey 34, M Doherty 26, J Thompson 2-27)
Newbuildings 109-5 (19.1 overs, R Hunter 40*, M Hanna 30, C Pollock 2-14, G Neely 2-23)
NW T20 Group B
Burndennett (0) v Bready (0) - no result
Burndennett, 22 May.
Burndennett 57 (15.2 overs, R McCay 27, S Lazars 3-1, I Young 2-27)
NW T20 Group B
Newbuildings (25) beat Glendermott (0) by 69 runs
Foyleview Arena, 22 May.
Newbuildings 187-5 (20.0 overs, R Dougherty 53*, G McKeegan 40, R Hunter 35, C Ross 2-21)
Glendermott 118 (19.3 overs, T Moore 34, S Moore 27, T McKeegan 3-19, J Dunn 3-33, J Thompson 2-34)
NW T20 Group B
Bready (22) beat Newbuildings (3) by 4 wickets
Magheramason, 15 May.
Newbuildings 116-8 (20.0 overs, R Hunter 31, B Mills 28*, S Lazars 3-29, I Young 2-8)
Bready 117-6 (19.1 overs, S Lazars 34*, R Dougherty 2-39)
NW T20 Group B
Burndennett (0) lost to Glendermott (25) by 51 runs
Burndennett, 15 May.
Glendermott 184-4 (20.0 overs, S Moore 69*, A Johnson 36*, R Robinson 29)
Burndennett 133-3 (20.0 overs, M Pollock 40*, M Roulston 34*, E McGettigan 31)
NW T20 Group B
Newbuildings (24) beat Burndennett (1) by 7 wickets
Foyleview Arena, 8 May.
Burndennett 122-6 (20.0 overs, A Barr 38, J Dunn 3-20)
Newbuildings 123-3 (13.5 overs, J Thompson 42*, R Dougherty 25*)
NW T20 Group B
Glendermott (3) lost to Bready (22) by 4 wickets
The Rectory, 8 May.
Glendermott 121-6 (20.0 overs, N McGuire 81*)
Bready 122-6 (20.0 overs, D Rankin 49, I Samrarasooriya 27, N McGuire 2-15, A Johnson 2-22)
Group C
St Johnston61023525
Scorecard Donemana v Ballyspallen, 15 May.
Scorecard Ballyspallen v Ardmore, 8 May.
Scorecard Ballyspallen v Ardmore, 8 May.
NW T20 Group C
Donemana (1) lost to Ardmore (24) by 8 wickets
The Holm, 6 June.
Donemana 49 (14.3 overs, Rachit Gaur 4-12, C Brolly 4-13)
Ardmore 50-2 (8.5 overs)
NW T20 Group C
St Johnston (23) lost to Ballyspallen (2) by 5 wickets
Foyle College, 6 June.
Ballyspallen 150-7 (20.0 overs, L Gilfillan 32, Damith Perera 27*, S McCloskey 26, D Anthony 3-41)
St Johnston 151-5 (19.1 overs, S Macbeth 65, Stu. Kennedy 2-28)
NW T20 Group C
St Johnston (1) lost to Ardmore (24) by 8 wickets
Foyle College, 5 June.
St Johnston 106-1 (12.0 overs, M Rankin 56*)
Ardmore 107-2 (10.3 overs, J Wilson 47*, T Koen 34*)
NW T20 Group C
Ballyspallen (0) lost to Donemana (25) by 39 runs
Bridge Park, 5 June.
Donemana 134-3 (14.0 overs, W McClintock 86*, G McClintock 29)
Ballyspallen 40-6 (5.5 overs, D Mehaffey 2-16)
DLS Method: par score 79 in 6 overs.
NW T20 Group C
St Johnston (1) lost to Donemana (24) by 7 wickets
Foyle College, 29 May.
St Johnston 139-7 (20.0 overs, M Rankin 55, J MacBeth 27, D McGerrigle 3-24)
Donemana 140-3 (18.3 overs, D Mehaffey 50*, W McClintock 47, L Dougherty 32*)
NW T20 Group C
Ardmore (24) beat Ballyspallen (1) by 25 runs
Bleachgreen, 29 May.
Ardmore 117 (19.5 overs, T Koen 56, J Logan-Wilson 5-12, Ste Kennedy 2-18, J Wilson 2-19)
Ballyspallen 92-7 (20.0 overs, Damith Perera 45*, C Brolly 2-3, R Gaur 2-19)
NW T20 Group C
Ballyspallen (0) v St Johnston (0) - no result
Bridge Park, 22 May.
NW T20 Group C
Ardmore (0) v Donemana (0) - no result
Bleachgreen, 22 May.
NW T20 Group C
Ardmore (0) v St Johnston (0) - no result
Bleachgreen, 15 May.
NW T20 Group C
Donemana (25) beat Ballyspallen (0) by 9 wickets
The Holm, 15 May.
Ballyspallen 97-7 (20.0 overs, J Logan-Wilson 59, D Mehaffey 3-9, W McBrine 2-19)
Donemana 98-1 (12.1 overs, W McClintock 69, J Huey 28*)
NW T20 Group C
Donemana (25) v St Johnston (0) - match awarded to Donemana
The Holm, 8 May.
NW T20 Group C
Ballyspallen (0) lost to Ardmore (25) by 9 wickets
Bridge Park, 8 May.
Ballyspallen 75-9 (20.0 overs, J Logan-Wilson 40, R Gaur 3-5, D Singh 3-14)
Ardmore 80-1 (8.1 overs, D Singh 48*)
Group D
Scorecard Brigade v Killyclooney, 16 May.
Scorecard Killyclooney v Strabane, 15 May.
Scorecard Strabane v Brigade, 9 May.
Scorecard Brigade v Killyclooney, 8 May.
NW T20 Group D
Strabane (25) beat Killyclooney (0) by 59 runs
Strabane Park, 5 June.
Strabane 167-3 (19.0 overs, K Gallagher 89, T Harpur 51, R McMorris 3-25)
Killyclooney 108-7 (19.0 overs, G Moan 28, D Lynch 26, C Havern 4-15, Tanvir Hassan 2-33)
NW T20 Group D
Brigade (25) beat Strabane (0) by 31 runs
Beechgrove, 30 May.
Brigade 126-5 (20.0 overs, R Allen 37*, K Magee 25, R Logue 2-28, T Hassan 2-34)
Strabane 95-9 (20.0 overs, M McNulty 29*, R Allen 3-2, R Macbeth 2-6, I Hussain 2-14)
NW T20 Group D
Killyclooney (0) lost to Brigade (25) by 9 wickets
Killyclooney, 29 May.
Killyclooney 115-8 (20.0 overs, D Lynch 51, D Moan 26, I Hussain 3-7, R Allen 3-12)
Brigade 116-1 (10.3 overs, K Magee 74, D Barr 42*)
NW T20 Group D
Strabane (0) v Killyclooney (0) - no result
Strabane Park, 23 May.
NW T20 Group D
Brigade (25) beat Strabane (0) by 31 runs
Beechgrove, 22 May.
Brigade 141-5 (20.0 overs, I Hussain 52, A Britton 36, E Ahmed 3-25)
Strabane 110-4 (20.0 overs, T Harpur 43, K Gallagher 41, N Donnell 3-11)
NW T20 Group D
Brigade (25) beat Killyclooney (0) by 97 runs
Beechgrove, 16 May.
Brigade 217-4 (20.0 overs, D Barr 76, K Magee 67*, D Murdock 28, J Wallace 2-25)
Killyclooney 120-7 (20.0 overs, G Moan 30, R Allen 3-25, N Donnell 2-15)
NW T20 Group D
Killyclooney (1) lost to Strabane (24) by 8 wickets
Killyclooney, 15 May.
Killyclooney 71 (14.4 overs, Ehtesham Ahmed 3-5, C Havern 3-22)
Strabane 72-2 (9.1 overs, A Gilllespie 30)
NW T20 Group D
Strabane (1) lost to Brigade (24) by 8 wickets
Strabane Park, 9 May.
Strabane 92-3 (11.0 overs, T Harpur 36*, A Gillespie 33)
Brigade 71-2 (8.0 overs, D Barr 32*)
DLS Method: par score 67 in 8 overs.
NW T20 Group D
Brigade (24) beat Killyclooney (1) by 7 wickets
Beechgrove, 8 May.
Killyclooney 77 (20.0 overs, R Macbeth 3-15, R Barr 3-20, R Allen 2-13)
Brigade 78-3 (15.0 overs, D Barr 35*)
Sam Jeffrey Cup
Scorecard Strabane v Glendermott, 10 September.
Scorecard Strabane v Fox Lodge, 22 August.
Scorecard St Johnston v Glendermott, 22 August.
NW Sam Jeffrey Cup
Glendermott beat St Johnston by 9 wickets
The Rectory, 28 August.
St Johnston 210-8 (40.0 overs, D Macbeth 61*, A Macbeth 50, S Moore 2-44)
Glendermott 212-1 (24.3 overs, Nauman Anwar 150*, T Killen 42*)
NW Sam Jeffrey Cup
St Johnston tied with Glendermott
The Boathole, 22 August.
St Johnston 179-8 (40.0 overs, A Macbeth 77, C Ross 2-36)
Glendermott 179-9 (40.0 overs, N Anwar 122, D Lapsley 3-33, M Rankin 2-23)
NW Sam Jeffrey Cup
Strabane beat Fox Lodge by 5 wickets
Strabane Park, 22 August.
Fox Lodge 154 (48.2 overs, L Hayes 43, B Allen 43, J Robinson 31, M McNulty 3-11, R Gallagher 2-23, T Hassan 2-31)
Strabane 158-5 (45.2 overs, A Gillespie 58, R Gallagher 27, A Heywood 2-35)
Round 1
Scorecard Glendermott v Killyclooney, 15 August.
Scorecard Strabane v Coleraine, 15 August.
Scorecard Burndennett v Fox Lodge, 14 August.
NW Sam Jeffrey Cup
Strabane beat Coleraine by 121 runs
Strabane Park, 15 August.
Strabane 197-9 (50.0 overs, A Gillespie 133, S Hutchinson 3-24, D Cooke 2-24)
Coleraine 76 (22.3 overs, Tanvir Hassan 4-17, R Logue 3-12, T Harpur 2-22)
NW Sam Jeffrey Cup
Glendermott beat Killyclooney by 242 runs
The Rectory, 15 August.
Glendermott 347-6 (50.0 overs, A Johnson 83, N Anwar 79, J Lynch 67*, J Nelson 2-49, T Dougherty 2-87)
Killyclooney 125 (22.3 overs, N Anwar 6-31, T Killen 3-23)
NW Sam Jeffrey Cup
St Johnston v The Nedd - match awarded to St Johnston
14 August.
NW Sam Jeffrey Cup
Burndennett lost to Fox Lodge by 7 runs
Burndennett, 14 August.
Fox Lodge 245 (48.2 overs, TJ Nicholl 40, J McIntyre 36*, J Milligan 36, A McDermott 3-39, G Neely 2-30, E McGettigan 2-44)
Burndennett 238 (48.5 overs, E McGettigan 71, A Barr 65*, R McCay 25, J Robinson 4-57, A Walker 3-45, J Milligan 2-16)
Reports & Articles
Back in Black
Bready umpire Roly Black is off to the West Indies in the New Year to officiate in the Under 19 World Cup.
Derry Midweek charities boost
Local charities across the North West are to benefit yet again from the good works of the Derry Midweek League.
Death of Sadie McGarrigle
The North West Cricket Union is deeply saddened to learn earlier today of the death of a wonderful supporter of local cricket, Sadie McGarrigle.
O'Hara and Dunn take up senior roles
The North West Umpires and Scorers held their AGM last week and have elected Vinny O'Hara as their new Chair after Graham McCrea stepped down from the role. Stevie Dunn will be the Ballykelly man's deputy.
Coleraine sign overseas professional
Coleraine have signed Sri Lankan all-rounder Ravindra Karunaratne as their player/coach for the 2022 season.
Britton excited by European challenge
Andy Britton was understandably delighted to receive news that the 2022 European Cricket League has been given the green light and will get under way in February in the slightly warmer climes of Spain's Costa Del Sol.
Brigade learn European opponents
Irish champions Brigade have been drawn in Group B of the 2022 European Champions League.
Death of Jim Campbell
There was sad news today following the death of Glendermott stalwart Jim Campbell.
Death of Jim McDaid
There was sad news this week with the death of Jim McDaid.
Burndennett sign SA professional
Burndennett have signed South African bowling all-rounder Aya Gqamane as their overseas professional for the 2022 season.
McCarter returning to NW
Graeme McCarter is returning to the North West having played in the NCU with both CSNI and Carrickfergus.
McCrea in Spain
Ireland umpire turned match referee Graham McCrea is enjoying the Spanish sunshine this week officiating at the T20 World Cup Qualifier (Europe).
Donemana sign overseas professional
Donemana have confirmed the signing of Patrick Kruger as their overseas professional for the 2022 season.
Fox Lodge confirm Marco Marais return
Marco Marais has been confirmed by Fox Lodge as their overseas professional for the 2022 season.
Written in the stars
Sometimes these results are just written in the stars. One of the great backstories to the game was the fact that one of their players, young Curtis Ross, lost his father suddenly a few weeks ago.
Mixed emotions for Bready Women
There were mixed emotions for Bready Women at the weekend as they played in the inaugural All-Ireland Womenís T20 finals day at Magheramason.
Wilson joins Newbuildings
Newbuildings have confirmed the signing of all-rounder Jared Wilson from Ardmore.
Dominant Brigade claim Senior Cup
Brigade eased to a six-wicket win against Eglinton to claim their third senior cup success in the last four years.
Finals evenly balanced after first day
The Senior Cup and Sammy Jeffrey finals are both evenly poised going into the second day after both matches did well to get as much played on a dank, grey day in the region.
Glendermott beat Strabane in last ball thriller
While events at Eglinton may have been low-key, they were anything but at Strabane Park where the Sammy Jeffrey final went down to the very last ball after a titanic 200-over battle between Strabane and Glendermott.
Advantage Brigade in NW Cup final
Itís advantage Brigade after the end of another rain affected day at Eglinton in the North West Senior Cup final.
Strabane and Glendermott to meet in Sammy Jeffrey final
There is no shortage of cup cricket being played out this weekend as the 2021 season winds towards its conclusion, and the Sammy Jeffrey final at Strabane Park between the Red Caps and Glendermott could also be a cracker.
Bready Women go for All-Ireland glory
Itís a big day on Saturday for Bready Women as the North West double winners attempt to win the inaugural All-Ireland T20 title on home soil.
McClintock debut highlight of memorable week
It was a memorable week for Donemanaís William McClintock as he made his Ireland debut in the series win against Zimbabwe, playing in all three matches in Bready.
Brigade and Eglinton up for the cup
It's a huge weekend of cup cricket coming up with both the Sammy Jeffrey Shield and the North West senior cup up for grabs over the two days.
Trophies keep rolling in for Bready
The trophies just keep rolling in for Bready who over the past week have claimed a further five.
Brigade beat Eglinton in cup final rehearsal
Brigade beat Eglinton by 29 runs (DLS) in a dress rehearsal for this week's NW Senior Cup final.
Fox Lodge beaten by Ardmore in Q4 Cup
Fox Lodge Thirds were beaten in the Q4 T20 cup final by 10 runs in a tight game at The Bleachgreen against Ardmore.
Bready win Q1 Cup
The trophies keep coming in all levels for Bready, with their second XI under captain Mark Olphert winning the Q1 cup in convincing manner at The Rectory beating Eglinton.
Perfect weekend for Brigade
Brigade followed up their cup success against Newbuildings with a league win at Coleraine.
Magee hundred as Brigade win, while Eglinton and Ardmore tie
Kyle Magee scored an unbeaten century as Brigade completed an excellent weekend as they travelled to Coleraine and came away with a 64-run win. Ardmore and Eglinton shared the Shaun Bradley trophy as they tied.
Brigade show fight to oust Newbuildings
BRIGADE will meet Eglinton in the final of the North West Senior Cup, a repeat of the 2018 decider, after the new All-Ireland T20 champions completed a superb week with victory over Newbuildings.
Semi-final wins for Brigade and Glendermott
Brigade will meet Eglinton in this season's senior cup final after the Beechgrove side posted a narrow 3-wicket win over Newbuildings in Saturday's semi-final. Glendermott beat St Johnston in their Sammy Jeffrey replay.
Bready beat Fox Lodge to win Women's Cup
Bready beat Fox Lodge by 28 runs to win the North West Women's Cup completing a memorable season in which they also won the league title.
Sion Mills beaten in T20 final
There was disappointment for Sion Mills as they lost out to Letterkenny in the T20 final at Burndennett on Sunday.
Bready and Fox Lodge to meet in NW Women's Cup final
The NW Womenís Cup final takes place at Strabane on Friday night (5.30pm) and itís an all-Tyrone clash between the two form teams of the season, Bready and Fox Lodge.
Mixed emotions for Bready
It was a bitter-sweet experience for Bready at the weekend as they experienced the highs of a Premiership title on Saturday, followed by the lows 24 hours later as they were knocked out of the Senior Cup by Eglinton in a last-ball thriller.
Tanvir relishing life at Strabane
One of the success stories of the season so far has been leg-spinner Tanvir Hassan, whose guile and skill have been instrumental in Strabaneís cup exploits.
Fox Lodge win Midweek Cup final
Fox Lodge beat Ardmore by eight wickets to win the Midweek Cup, completing a league and cup double for the Ballymagorry side.
Bready survive scare to reach Women's Cup final
Bready are through to the North West's Women's Cup final but they were given a real scare by a spirited Killyclooney side who were inspired by teenager Cody Wallace.
Eglinton stun Bready in cup semi-final
EGLINTON are back in the final of the North West Senior Cup for the first time since 2018 after a thrilling one wicket, last-ball victory over Bready.
Day of drama in the North West
Eglinton beat Bready in cup semi-final by one wicket, St Johnston tie with Glendermott, while Strabane beat Fox Lodge with Aaron Gillespie again in the runs.
Take two for Brigade and Newbuildings
BRIGADE and Newbuildings must return to Beechgrove next Saturday to replay their North West Senior Cup semi-final after rain won the day.
Rain ruins North West Super Saturday
A combination of poor weather and Donemana scratching against Bready meant there was an anticlimactic feel to what was supposed to be one of the biggest weekends of the North West cricket season.
Bready champions after Donemana scratch
Bready have been declared this yearís Premiership champions after Donemana, the only team that could overtake them scratched from todayís game at Magheramason
Britton excited by Cork challenge
ITíS been a busy week for Brigade skipper Andy Britton after their All-Ireland T20 Cup semi-final win over Carrickfergus on Sunday. He has had to do his homework on Cork Harlequins, the Beechgrove sideís opponents in tomorrowís final at Rathmines (2pm).
Huge weekend looms for Bready and Brigade
ITíS a huge weekend for Bready and Brigade coming up with each team one game away from meeting in next monthís North West Senior Cup final.
Cup successes for Strabane
It was an excellent weekend in the cup competitions for Strabane who beat Fox Lodge in the final of the Eric Cooke cup, and progressed to the semi-final of the Sammy Jeffrey Shield thanks to a brilliant 133 for skipper Aaron Gillespie as they beat Coleraine.
Devine hopeful of fourth cup success for Fox Lodge
Fox Lodge women are hoping to win the cup for a fourth successive season after beating Coleraine earlier this week.
Sion Mills to face Letterkenny in cup final
Itís been an excellent season for Sion Mills and the Holm side have the chance to put some silverware on the table as they take on Letterkenny in the final of the Q T20 cup.
Huge weekend looms for Bready
The crunch games keep coming thick and fast for Bready, and itís the same again this weekend for the Magheramason side as they face Donemana in the league on Saturday followed by a home cup semi-final against Eglinton on Sunday.
Newbuildings draw short straw with Brigade trip
IF Newbuildings are to reach their first Senior Cup final, they will have to do it the hard way.
Fox Lodge beat Coleraine to reach Women's Cup final
Fox Lodge's dream of a fourth successive North West Women's Cup is still alive after a comprehensive win against Coleraine in the semi-final.
Senior Cup and Sammy Jeffrey draws made
The draw has been made for the semi-finals of both the NW Senior Cup and Sammy Jeffrey Shield.
JT knocks Donemana out of NW Cup
Holders Donemana are out of the NW Senior Cup after a quite stunning innings by former player Johnny Thompson.
Eglinton and Bready reach cup semi-final
The Bready juggernaut shows no sign of stopping after they steamrollered Championship side Ballyspallen to progress to the semi-fiinals of the NW Senior Cup.
Barr and JT light up NW Senior Cup
DAVID Barr took six wickets and then scored 94 not out to see Brigade into the semi-finals of the North West Senior Cup but, arguably, it was not even the most impressive performance of the day.
St Johnston win Championship title
They like the odd party out at the Boathole and there will be plenty to celebrate this week after St Johnston claimed the Championship title.
Gallagher stars as Strabane beat Fox Lodge in Eric Cooke final
Ryan Gallagher produced a superb Man of the Match display as Strabane beat near neighbours Fox Lodge by 38 runs in the Eric Cooke final at Strabane Park.
Strabane and Fox Lodge up for the cup
Thereís a huge Tyrone derby down for decision as Strabane take on Fox Lodge in the Eric Cooke final at Strabane Park (6pm).
Sri Lanka win U13 World Cup
Sri Lanka (Bonds Glen) are the North West Under 13 World Cup champions after beating Ireland (St Johnston) by 48 runs in front of a large crowd at Newbuildings.
England unbeaten as NW World Cup goes into final day
England (Newbuildings) are the only unbeaten side after the fourth day of the North West Under 13 World Cup.
Big two kept apart in NW Women's Cup
Bready travel to Killyclooney, while Fox Lodge, winners of the trophy for the last three years face a long journey to Coleraine, who have impressed many in their debut season.

Donemana and Newbuildings remain unbeaten
Despite the disruption there was no change at the top of the table as England (Newbuildings) and Australia (Donemana) both posted comfortable wins to extend their unbeaten runs in the competition.
Bready poised for Premiership title
BREADY could be crowned NW Premiership champions on Sunday, with a game to spare, if results go their way this weekend.
NW U13 World Cup day two round-up
Australia and England continue to set the pace and are the clear leaders, having won all their four matches so far after the second day of the U13 North West World Cup.
Favourites progress in NW Women's Cup
There were no shocks in the NW Women's Cup quarter-finals as this seasonís Ďbig twoí, Bready and Fox Lodge both progressed to the semi-finals where they will be joined by Coleraine and Killyclooney.
NW fixtures and women's cup draw
The North West have announced details of the Senior Cup and Sammy Jeffrey rearrangements, plus news of the semi-final draw for the Women's Cup.
NW Premiership play-offs to be scrapped
THE North West Senior Cup quarter-finals, wiped out by Sundayís rain, will be played next weekend, the new dates set to be confirmed today.
England and Australia lead World Cup race
England and Australia are the early pacesetters after they won both their matches on the opening day of the North West World Cup which is played across four venues all this week, and featuring eight countries comprising seven clubs as well as the NW Girls team.
World Cup comes to the North West
There's a feast of cricket this week across the North West as eight countries battle it out for the World Cup crown.
Coleraine edge out Fox Lodge in war of attrition
Coleraine and Fox Lodge fought out a low scoring affair in the Premier League at Sandal Lodge, with Coleraine winning by three wickets.
Bready two wins from title
Bready are just two wins away from another Premiership title after a total demolition of young pretenders Newbuildings.
Rankin delight as Bready clinch Premiership
Bready clinched the NW Women's Premiership after a convincing 91-run win against Coleraine earlier this week.
NW Women's Cup draw made
Holders Fox Lodge will play Strabane Saints in the quarter-finals of the NW Women's Cup.
Date set for Eric Cooke final
Strabane and Fox Lodge are due to meet next week in the final of the Eric Cooke Cup.
Bready win NW Women's Premiership
Bready clinched the NW Women's Premiership on Monday night after a convincing 91-run win against Coleraine.
NW to set new cup dates after umpires strike
THE North West union is expected to announce the new date for the quarter-finals of the Senior Cup today after yesterdayís scheduled games were postponed because no official umpires were available.
Umpires strike in the NW dominates low-key day
What promised to be one of the most important weekends of the North West season turned into something of a damp squib with only two of the four Premiership matches getting the green light.
Killyclooney pay the penalty as St Johnston win cup
St Johnston held their nerve to win a tense T20 final by just seven runs in front of a large crowd at Burndennett.
Donemana at full strength for crucial weekend
Itís certainly not been a vintage season for Donemana, but moving into the business end of the season they have been handed a boost with the return of their international players for two crucial matches.
Fox Lodge make history
Fox Lodge created a little bit of club history at the weekend when they won at Beechgrove for the first time in a senior game.
Dougherty upbeat ahead of Killyclooney final
Killyclooney captain Timmy Dougherty is upbeat ahead of their Sperrin Springs final against St Johnston.
Sion Mills reach T20 final
Sion Mills had a productive weekend with Andy Lucas in particular in the runs.
Sperrin Springs final
Killyclooney and St Johnston will meet in the final of the Sperrin Springs Cup on Friday at Burndennett.
Bready and Fox Lodge keep pace at top of Premiership
Leaders Bready won again, but Fox Lodge also victorious to keep the pressure on as the league reaches its final stages.
NW fixtures released
The fixtures for the remainder of the North West season have been released for the Premiership and Championship after the weekend break-off point.
Brigade to face Carrickfergus in All-Ireland T20 semi-final
BRIGADE completed the line-up for the All-Ireland T20 Cup semi-finals yesterday with a thrilling last ball victory in the Faughan Valley Cup Final at Eglinton.
Brigade win cup with last ball six
Ryan Barr hit the last ball of the match for six to clinch the Faughan Valley T20 Cup for Brigade as they beat hosts Eglinton in a classic encounter in front of a huge crowd.
NW Premiership slots decided
BRIGADE, the defending Premiership champions, squeezed into the Play-Off matches for this yearís title by the skin of their teeth yesterday, thankful that Bready defeated Bonds Glen in the other significant final match in Group A.
Fox Lodge, Brigade and Coleraine progress to Premiership
Fox Lodge and Brigade go through in Group A, while Coleraine progress in Group B when Burndennett forfeited after one of their players collapsed during the game.
Tyrone round-up
Latest news from Bready, Fox Lodge, Sion Mills, and the cup draws.
Eglinton to host T20 Cup final this Sunday
Eglinton will have home advantage in the Faughan Valley T20 Cup final when they take on Brigade in the decider this coming Sunday, July 25th.
Five star Devine in the wickets again
There were wins in the NW Women's Premier League for leaders Bready and second placed Fox Lodge, while Killyclooney failed to field again at Strabane Saints.
NW Senior Cup quarter-finals draw
The draw has been made for the quarter-finals of the NW Senior Cup with four intriguing ties down for decision.
Bee Gees staying alive
BONDíS GLEN produced the shock result in the first round of the North West Senior Cup with a six wickets victory over Coleraine.
Ardmore and Glendermott win thrillers
Conor Brolly proved the Ardmore hero as he struck the last two deliveries to the boundary to seal a one-wicket win against Fox Lodge, while Glendermott beat Brigade by 10 runs in a high scoring encounter.
Bonds Glen stun Coleraine in shock of the day
Bonds Glen beat Coleraine in the only shock of the day, centuries for Dharm Singh, Stephen Kennedy and Tommy Orr see Ardmore, Ballyspallen and Eglinton progress, while five wicket hauls for Ross Allen and Ben Mills mean Brigade and Newbuildings are through as well as holders Donemana.
Gillespie inspires Strabane
Aaron Gillespie on his match winning century, while Killyclooney hope to give their fans something to shout about as they reach Sperrin Springs final.
Johnny Be Good
It was a dream weekend for Fox Lodge who beat Ardmore to reach the final of the Eric Cooke cup, and followed it up beating Glendermott to keep them in serious contention for a Premiership place.
North West name U17 girls squad
The North West have named their under-17 girls squad for the Interprovincial series against Leinster and the NCU, which starts with a double header today (TUES).
Brigade and Donemana beaten in weekend of surprises
DEFENDING league champions Brigade and Senior Cup holders Donemana were both beaten on a day of shocks in the NW 40-Over League.
Ballyspallen stun Donemana
Ballyspallen beat Donemana in the shock of the season, while Ardmore skittled Brigade for 73. Elsewhere there were wins for Eglinton, Bready, Fox Lodge, Newbuildings and St Johnston.
Brigade to meet Eglinton in Faughan Valley final
Brigade will meet Eglinton in the final of the Faughan Valley Cup after both won with relative ease in tonight's semi-finals.
Weekend double header action in NW
It's a double header weekend for North West clubs with the semi-finals of the three T20 Cup competitions on Friday night followed by a full programme of League matches on Saturday.
Tyrone round-up
Maiden Donemana ton for Dean Mehaffey, Fox Lodge win another tight game, Sion Mills remain unbeaten and T20 semi-finals and weekend fixtures.
Magic Magee helps Bready stay unbeaten
It was quite a weekend for Bready opener Jamie Magee as he scored his maiden century.
MCC beat Emerging Warriors in high scoring game
The MCC beat the Emerging Warriors by 41 runs in a high scoring match at The Rectory thanks primarily to centuries from PJ Moor and Daniel Hogan.
Fox Lodge beat Bready to open up title race
Fox Lodge opened up the title race as they beat leaders Bready by 37 runs in the North West's Premier Women's league.
Centuries galore in North West
Ian Callender rounds up the action from a busy day in the North West where there were five centuries scored, including three in the game at Bready.
MCC name squad for NW clash
The MCC have named a strong squad for their first game in the North West since 2004, including four internationals.
Bready beat Ardmore in high scoring thriller
Game of the day in the North West was at Bready where the home side beat Ardmore by 9 runs in a high scoring thriller.
NW Youth squads announced
The North West youth squads take to the field over the coming weeks, with boys U13, 15 and 17 squads in action as well as an U17 girls squad for the first time.
Lazars thriving at Bready
Few players in the North West have made such an immediate impact at a new club as Bready all-rounder Steve Lazars, who has helped the Magheramason side to the top of the table.
Devine hat-trick as Foxies keep pressure on Bready
Mollie Devine's hat-trick was the highlight of the NW Women's Premier League games, as Fox Lodge beat Strabane Saints, while Kia McCartney's all-round efforts ensured Coleraine beat Eglinton.
Bowlers dominate in NW
BOWLERS dominated the third round of fixtures in the NW 40-over League with no fewer than six taking five wickets.
Just what the Doc ordered
There was a little bit of history at Donemana as the five brothers from the Dougherty family played together as they beat Killyclooney, just by seven runs in a day when the bowlers dominated in the North West.
Bready, Donemana and Ardmore set the pace
BREADY, Ardmore and Donemana all made it three wins out of three to set the pace in the NW 40-over League.
Birthday present for Roulston
Bready left-hander Gavin Roultson turned 15 last week and enjoyed a late present as he helped the Magheramason side to an emphatic 152 run against Glendermott.
Sion Mills win again
Sion Mills unbeaten start to the campaign continued as they won convincingly by nine wickets against Killyclooney IIís.
Brigade name strong squad
THE Brigade team to play in their Centenary game against an Ireland XI on Sunday week will have six guest players, including four internationals.
Return of the Mac
When Donemana are under-strength, opponents beware! Not for the first time, Junior McBrine came out of retirement to help his club and, not for the first time, he saw his side to a sensational victory.
Ritchie McBrine the hero for Donemana
You never write off the Germans, or Donemana. Ritchie McBrine's stunning 105 helping them recover from 77 for 7 to chase 220 as they beat Eglinton by one wicket.
Bready backing youth
Breadyís recent success has been their formula of having a few experienced heads guiding a steady stream of youth through their ranks, and that was clearly evident as they produced a stirring team performance.
Supermac Fires Donemana to victory
Itís been a whirlwind start for Donemana captain William McClintock who has been in sensational form as his team have made a strong start to the campaign.
Beyond the senior world: NW
A round-up of all the weekend action below senior level, including two wins for Sion Mills and a hat-trick for Richard Wylie.
Bready stay top of NW Women's league
Bready maintained their lead at the top of the NW Women's League after a fine all-round team display saw them beat Eglinton by nine wickets, while Fox Lodge beat Coleraine in the other game to go ahead.
McClintock launches 40 overs league in style
Donemana skipper William McClintock launched the new 40-over League in sensational fashion with an innings of 195 - from No 5 in the order!
Supermac leads Donemana to crushing win
William McClintock's brilliant 195 led Donemana to a convincing victory against Coleraine at The Holm.
McBrine to miss season opener
Andy McBrine is the only player who will miss the start of the Premiership on the day he was due to take over the captaincy of Donemana, for their Group B game against Coleraine.
Double joy for NW in Queen's Honours list
There was double cause for celebration in North West cricketing circles after Ken Craig of Eglinton and Kieran Kennedy of O'Neills sports were honoured in the Queen's Birthday list.
Foxies facing tough cup draws
Fox Lodgeís loss to Bonds Glen on Saturday denied them top spot, but they did clinch second thanks to Brian Allenís innings against Coleraine.
Harpur and Gallagher sparkle for Strabane
Strabane secured second spot in their T20 group thanks to fifties from Kevin Gallagher and Tom Harpur who shared a century stand in their convincing win against Killyclooney.
Donemana through despite heavy loss
They had already assured themselves a semi-final spot thanks to a maximum point win against Ballyspallen, with skipper William McClintock hitting eight sixes in an unbeaten 86, denied a century by the rain.
Irosh loving life at Bready
Bready professional Irosh Samarasooriya played a major role as the Magheramason side continued their unbeaten start to the season.
Beyond the senior world: NW (3)
Sion Mills and The Nedd both won last over thrillers to maintain their excellent starts to the season.
NW cup draws made
The draws have been made for the first round of the NW Senior Cup, plus the semi-finals of the Faughan Valley, Eric Cooke and Sperrin Springs T20 cups.
Rankin stars as Bready go clear at top
Jemma Rankin starred with bat and ball as Bready beat Strabane Saints to go clear at the top of the NW Women's League.
Bready and Eglinton make semi-final
Bready and Eglinton ensured semi-finals berths in the NW T20 Cup, joining Brigade and Donemana who had already secured their slots.
Donemana join Brigade in semi finals
Donemana joined Brigade in the Faughan Valley Cup semi-finals after a maximum points win against Ballyspallen, while Bready look favourites to join them after an emphatic win at Newbuildings.
Donemana progress in NW T20 Cup
DONEMANA qualified for the Faughan Valley Cup semi-finals yesterday on a badly rain-affected penultimate day in the NW T20 Cup.
NW Cup draws on Tuesday
The NW will conduct the draws for both the Senior and T20 Cups at Bready this coming Tuesday lunchtime.
Big weekend in NW
League fixture details plus semi-finalists to be confirmed this weekend.
Bready face crunch game at Newbuildings
It's a huge weekend for Bready as they face Newbuildings and Burndennett with a place in the semi-finals of the T20 Cup up for grabs.
Strabane aiming for second place
Red Caps captain Aaron Gillespie looks back at the loss to Brigade and ahead to a clash with Killyclooney where second place is up for grabs.
Great Scott helping Sion revival
One of the stories of the season so far has been the rejuvenation on and off the field of the most successful club in North West history, Sion Mills.
Foxies in the hunt
Fox Lodge remain in contention for a last four berth after a superb display with the ball saw them collect full points against previously unbeaten group leaders Eglinton.
Donemana in pole position
Donemana remain strong favourites to make the semi-finals of the T20 Cup as they maintained their 25-point lead over second-placed Ardmore heading into the double-headers against Ballyspallen and the Bleachgreen side.
Beyond the NW senior world (2)
It was a good weekend for Fox Lodge in the Intermediate ranks as both their second and third XIís emulated the success of their seniors with victories.
NW 40-overs fixtures
The senior fixtures for the 40-overs league have been announced with the programme getting under way on Saturday June 12th.
Bready join Eglinton at top of Women's Premier
Bready beat Fox Lodge by 49 runs to join Eglinton at the top of the NW Women's Premier League.
Only Brigade confirmed for semi-finals
BRIGADE completed Group A of the NW T20 with a full house of six wins, after beating Strabane by 31 runs at Beechgrove.
Six of the best for Brigade
Brigade completed their T20 league cup fixtures with their sixth consecutive win, dropping just two points all campaign as they beat Strabane by 31 runs at Beechgrove.
Fox Lodge throw Group B wide open
In a low scoring game, TJ Nichollís 25 was the best in the Foxes 107 for five but Eglintonís batting flopped, losing nine wickets as they scored at barely three runs an over in reply.
Low scores in NW T20 Cup
It was a day of low scores primarily in the region, as batsmen struggled after recent rains meant runs were at a premium.
Sion Mills win again
Sion Mills made it three wins from three after a hard-fought victory against Ballyspallen, which saw them go top of the table.
Eglinton, Bready and Fox Lodge win in Women's league
There were wins in the NW Women's League on Monday night for Fox Lodge, Eglinton and Bready.
North West roundup
Brigade will book their place in the semi-finals if they take three points from their remaining two group games.
Eglinton, Brigade, Newbuildings and Coleraine win
Three games failed to beat the elements with the games at Ballyspallen and Ardmore failing to start while Bready and Burndennett stopped at the halfway stage. On the field Brigade, Eglinton, Newbuildings and Coleraine won.
NW Development League begins
The Women's Development League, a new initiative by the governing body, got under way this week with two games down for decision.
Special day for Logue
It was a special day for Fox Lodge opener Aidan Logue who scored 34 to help the Ballymagorry side to a 64-run win against Bonds Glen. The teenager underwent heart surgery last Autumn, having missed the 2020 season.
Sion Mills off to a flyer
Itís been a great start to the season for Sion Mills who have recorded back-to-back convincing victories. Their latest was a ten-wicket demolition of St Johnston, with Rian McKelvey and Simon Galloway in the runs.
Family affair for the Gillespies
23 years after winning the Irish Senior Cup with Strabane, Michael, Mark, John and Peter Gillespie took to the field again, helping their side beat Burndennett in the Qualifying League.
Beyond the senior world NW
A look at how the games went below senior level in the North West at the weekend, with some fine performances from both young and old.
Strabane Saints, Coleraine and Killyclooney back in Women's League
The North West Womenís season kicks off tonight (MON) with three games down for decision.
Eglinton, Bready and Fox Lodge win in Women's League
Zara Craig got the The North West Womenís season off to a dramatic start as her unbeaten 72 helped Eglinton to a thrilling last ball win over Strabane Saints.
Barr and Magee lead Brigade to easy win
Half centuries from DD Barr and Kyle Magee helped Brigade to a resounding 97-run win against Killyclooney at Beechgrove.
All jumpers in the jeep
Respect. Community. Karma. Solid foundations. Progress. My day at Bready as the home side took on Newbuildings in the game of the day in the North West.
Lazars raises Bready from the dead
Steve Lazars and skipper David Scanlon rescued Bready from a precarious 58 for 5 as they won a last over thriller against Newbuildings. Wins too for Glendermott, Eglinton, Fox Lodge, Donemana, Strabane and Eglinton.
Bready win game of the day
Bready won the big game of the day at Maghermason, putting next door neighbours Newbuidlings in their place with a last over four-wicket victory.
Mixed weekend for Tyrone sides
There were mixed results for the Tyrone sides on the opening weekend of the North West cricket season, with wins for Bready and Donemana (walkover), but defeats for Burndennett, Killyclooney, Strabane and Killyclooney.
Final over thrillers the order of the day
BRIGADE made it two wins out of two with a last ball victory at Strabane Park yesterday to take control of Group A in the White Horse Hotel T20.
Magee last gasp hero for Brigade
Kyle Magee held his nerve to get Brigade over the line in another last ball thriller in the NW T20 Cup against Strabane on Sunday.
Day of drama in NW
THERE was no shortage of excitement on the opening day of the North West season with two last over finishes, and mirroring their rivals in the NCU, a last ball victory, in the T20 Cup.
Bonds Glen and Bready win thrillers
It was a day of high drama as the NW season got up and running with all six scheduled games in the Best Western T20 Cup getting played.
St Johnston and Letterkenny to play waiting game
THE North West season will start today without St Johnston and Letterkenny after the union received confirmation that no teams in the Republic can play cricket yet.
NW Preview 15: Bonds Glen
It could be a big season for Bonds Glen, who have a few new faces plus an exciting overseas professional.
NW Preview 14: Killyclooney
There was much to enjoy about Killyclooney's cricket in 2020 and they go into the new season with a sense of genuine optimism.
Tabish Khan makes Test debut
It was a case of better late than never for Tabish Khan who made his debut for Pakistan against Zimbabwe in Harare at the age of 36.
T20 start to the season for NW
It's all change in the North West this season after clubs voted to reduce the League to a 40-over competition with all 15 senior teams involved and divided into two groups.
NW Preview 13: Strabane
Former Ireland Under 19 international Aaron Gillespie is captain of Strabane for the forthcoming season.
NW Preview 12: Burndennett
It's as you were for Burndennett, who have exactly the same squad as last season when they triumphed in the Sammy Jeffrey final.
NW Preview 11: Coleraine
Former Irish international Gordon Cooke is back at Coleraine, who will be without influential all-rounder Graham Hume following his close season switch to Waringstown.
Steve Lazars joins Bready
Steve Lazars has joined Bready for the 2021 season, moving from NCU side Muckamore.
NW Preview 10: Eglinton
There's a real buzz about Eglinton where confidence is high ahead of the start of the season.
Brigade honour Roy Torrens
Brigade held a minute's silence in honor of their former player and Chairman Roy Torrens ahead of their match against Bready at Beechgrove on Saturday.
NW Preview 9: Brigade
It's a special year for Brigade who celebrate their 100th year at Beechgrove, albeit one that will be tinged with sadness following the death earlier this year of Chairman Roy Torrens.
NW Preview 8: Ballyspallen
The signing by Ballyspallen of Sri Lankan Damith Perera will help soften the blow of the loss of talismanic all-rounder Graham Kennedy.
NW Preview 7: Donemana
It's very much a case of the tried and trusted for NW Senior Cup holders Doenmana who have no changes in personnel for the season ahead.
NW Preview 6: Glendermott
It's been a bit of a revolving door at The Rectory with five players out and three in for the 2020 Eric Cooke Cup winners.
T20 start for NW as fixtures released
The fixtures for the first month of the NW season have been released, with T20 games the order of the day for the first month.
NW Preview 5: Fox Lodge
It's very much a case of how you were for Fox Lodge who are unchanged from 2020. They had hoped to bring back Cebo Tshiki as their overseas player but that has fallen through.
NW clubs raise £2000 and counting for Patto
The NW leg of Pedal4Patto took place on Friday and clubs in the area have raised over £2000 and counting for the good cause.
NW Preview 4: Ardmore
The Bleachgreen side didn't have the best of seasons in 2020, but have added three quality players to their ranks for the current season.
Groups confirmed for NW Senior competitions
The NW T20 competition will see the teams split into four groups, while this year's senior league will see the 15 sides split into two sections.
Nathan McGuire joins Glendermott
Glendermott have signed Nathan McGuire for the forthcoming campaign.
NW Preview 3: Newbuildings
Newbuildings continue to make progress on and off the field as they look to establish themselves as one of the top teams in the North West.
NW Preview 2: St Johnston
They will have to wait a while longer than the Northern Ireland based clubs, but Donegal side St Johnston and their captain David Lapsley can look forward to the campaign with optimism.
NW Preview 1: Bready
It's very much a case of the tried and trusted for Bready as they embark on another season.
Funding boost for Newbuildings and Bready
There was more good news for cricket with the awarding of further grants to Bready and Newbuildings by Sport NI.
Irosh back at Bready
Bready have confirmed they have re-signed overseas professional Irosh Samarasooriya for the 2021 season.
NW Umpires: Noel Ward
An accomplished left-arm spinner and stylish right-handed batsman, Noel was an integral part of Ardmore for many years, before going into umpiring.
Sri Lankan signs for Ballyspallen
Ballyspallen has signed Sri Lankan wicket-keeper batsman Damith Perera for their 2021 campaign.
Glendermott opt for Pakistani professional
Glendermott have opted to sign Pakistani all-rounder Nauman Anwar for the 2021 season.
Glendermott role for Wilson
Glendermott have appointed Jared Wilson as their Youth Cricket Development Coach on a part-time basis.
Ryan Barr returns to Brigade
Ryan Barr is making the short trip across the Limavady Road to join Brigade from Glendermott.
Double signing boost for Ardmore
Ardmore have received a double boost ahead of the new season with the signings of Rachit Gaur and Dhram Singh.
Joe Peoples
Joe, who hailed from St Johnston, umpired at the highest levels in NW cricket, up to and including internationals.
Warriors advertise Head Coach position
The North West Warriors are advertising for a Head Coach and Performance Pathway Manager.
Gillespie humbled by CWI Hall of Fame honour
The 46-year-old won every honour in Irish cricket with his beloved Red Caps and still holds the Irish record for the fastest century.
Awards galore for NW cricket
It was a good night for North West cricket as local clubs and personalities won a host of accolades at the Irish Cricket Awards.
Dermot Ward
A fine batsman with Ardmore, Dermot went on to officiate, showing a real aptitude for the umpiring craft. He was appointed to the ICC Europe panel standing in tournaments across the region before cutbacks.
Success for NW at CI awards
It was a successful night for Bready who picked up the Spirit of Cricket Award, while Alana Dalzell won the Club Women Player of the Year. Peter Gillespie and Roy Torrens was also honoured.
Bready favourites for Spirit of Cricket Award
Bready's Cricketing Cooks efforts are set to be rewarded with a 'Spirit of Cricket' prize at the Cricket Ireland Awards ceremony on Friday night.
Jim Finlay
It was an umpire though that he found his true calling, an appointments secretary dream, always willing and available to do any match at any level. A case of having bails will travel for Jim.
T20 start likely for NW sides
It seems likely that the NW will be starting their season with a T20 competition.
Robin Glenn
Another magnificent servant to the NW cricket officiating fraternity, former Eglinton, Campsie and Du Pont batsman Robin Glenn was a powerful striker of the ball in his playing days.
Ballyspallen sign Sri Lankan professional
Ballyspallen have signed Sri Lankan international Sandun Weerakkody for the 2021 season.
Jim Kilgore
Connie McAllister continues his series on NW umpires from the past and present with his memories of the late Jim Kilgore.
John Gamble
John had always a great sense of humour and was very witty, which I always enjoyed when standing in matches with the former pace bowler.
Harry Henderson
Harry was a fine cricketer with Donemana who went on to have a long and distinguished career in both the umpiring and administrative ranks.
Test debut for former Donemana pro
Former Donemana overseas professional Imran Butt made his Test debut for Pakistan against South Africa this week.
Bobby buoyed by Siraj success
During his sojourn back to the Hyderabad Cricket Academy for a couple of years between 2015 and 2017, Bobby Rao took many young men under his wing. One of them was Mohammed Siraj.
Hunter excited by Newbuildings challenge
Newbuildings have confirmed the signing of Ryan Hunter from Brigade.
Drummond to play in NW in 2021
Drummond have announced their intention to reform for the 2021 season.
NW Umpires looking new members
The North West Umpires & Scorers Association are looking for new members to come forward and help the association.
Death of Liam Bradley
The North West Cricket Union is saddened to learn of the death earlier today of former Waterside CC player, Liam Bradley.