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Guide to Irish International Cricket 1855-2020

The Guide to Irish International Cricket is the culmination of many years of personal effort but it would not have been possible without the work of very many journalists, article writers, photographers and statisticians, both within Ireland and much further afield, who have so willingly contributed to CricketEurope over the years. Hopefully, this will be a lasting legacy of their skills, dedication and enthusiasm.

As well as paying tribute to the incredible and tireless work of the current CricketEurope team:

John Boomer
Barry Chambers
Ian Johnston
Andrew Nixon

and to Edward Liddle, who performed the Herculean task of writing the men's player biographies, I am extremely grateful to all of the following people (some of whom, very sadly, are no longer with us):

Emma Beamish
Philip Boylan
Pat Bracken
Richard Bullick
Gerry Byrne
Ian Callender
Jon Coates (Scotland)
Judy Cohen
Joe Curtis
James Fitzgerald
Andy Gatling (England)
Odran Flynn
Richard Gillies
Patrick Gorlee (Netherlands)
Martin Gray (Guernsey)
Michael Halliday
Evelyn Harmon
Chris Harte
Clarence Hiles
Ian Jacobs (Scotland)
Bertus de Jong (Netherlands)
Bruce Kennedy
Rod Lyall (Netherlands)
Lawrence Moore
Dermott Monteith
Eddie Norfolk (Canada)
Sean Pender
Rob O'Connor
Paddy O'Hara
David Potter (Scotland)
Ian Potts (Scotland)
Peter Power (Denmark)
Emmet Riordan
Nick Royle
Derek Scott
Adele Spence
Mike Stanger (Scotland)
Michael Taylor
Sander Tholen (Netherlands)
David Townsend (England)
Robin Walsh
Rowland White
Ger Siggins
Deryck Vincent

Many official cricketing bodies and media outlets have also published a considerable amount of video content on digital platforms such as YouTube and Facebook, and some of that material has been included and acknowledged.

John Elder, April 2021