Namibian captain Gerhard Erasmus has criticised the standard of umpring at the World Cup qualifier play-off currently being hosted in Windhoek.

Responding to a user on Twitter who had said that all tools need to be made available to umpires for a tournament of this importance Erasmus said "Trying to make a career out of associate scraps and ICC can’t send a few experienced umpires and have run out cams for a tournament of this importance. I suppose we’ll always eat last."

Tournaments at this level often decide funding opportunities, and Namibia would have received a participation fee had they reached the global qualifier later this year in Zimbabwe.

For a team like Jersey, who were on the receiving end of some truly shocking decisions yesterday against the USA including an lbw decision against a well set Asa Tribe that likely wouldn't even have been hitting another set of stumps on the leg side, the increased participation fees that would have come with ODI status could have been transformative. Jersey supporters attending the tournament have been vocal in their criticism of the umpiring.

In this light it is concerning that - if rumours are accurate - there will be no DRS or TV umpires at the qualifier in Zimbabwe. Coming after Scotland were denied a 2019 World Cup spot due to an lbw decision that would have been overturned by DRS at the last qualifier, this is especially concerning.

When so much is at stake, it is crucial that the umpiring is of a high standard and that these umpires have access to the same tools that those at the highest level have. Sadly, as is often the case with associate cricket, the tournament is an afterthought.