NWCU Premiership 2024
27 April Ardmore v Coleraine (The Bleachgreen)
27 April Bready v Killyclooney (Magheramason)
27 April Eglinton v Brigade (Eglinton)
27 April Donemana v Newbuildings (The Holm)
4 May Killyclooney v Eglinton (Killyclooney)
4 May Newbuildings v Coleraine (Foyleview Arena)
4 May Brigade v Ardmore (Beechgrove)
4 May Donemana v Bready (The Holm)
25 May Coleraine v Brigade (Sandel Lodge)
25 May Bready v Newbuildings (Magheramason)
25 May Eglinton v Donemana (Eglinton)
25 May Ardmore v Killyclooney (The Bleachgreen)
8 June Bready v Eglinton (Magheramason)
8 June Donemana v Ardmore (The Holm)
8 June Newbuildings v Brigade (Foyleview Arena)
8 June Killyclooney v Coleraine (Killyclooney)
15 June Ardmore v Bready (The Bleachgreen)
15 June Brigade v Killyclooney (Beechgrove)
15 June Coleraine v Donemana (Sandel Lodge)
15 June Eglinton v Newbuildings (Eglinton)
22 June Bready v Coleraine (Magheramason)
22 June Newbuildings v Killyclooney (Foyleview Arena)
22 June Donemana v Brigade (The Holm)
22 June Eglinton v Ardmore (Eglinton)
29 June Coleraine v Eglinton (Sandel Lodge)
29 June Ardmore v Newbuildings (The Bleachgreen)
29 June Brigade v Bready (Beechgrove)
29 June Killyclooney v Donemana (Killyclooney)
6 July Killyclooney v Bready (Killyclooney)
6 July Brigade v Eglinton (Beechgrove)
6 July Newbuildings v Donemana (Foyleview Arena)
6 July Coleraine v Ardmore (Sandel Lodge)
13 July Bready v Donemana (Magheramason)
13 July Coleraine v Newbuildings (Sandel Lodge)
13 July Eglinton v Killyclooney (Eglinton)
13 July Ardmore v Brigade (The Bleachgreen)
20 July Killyclooney v Ardmore (Killyclooney)
20 July Brigade v Coleraine (Beechgrove)
20 July Donemana v Eglinton (The Holm)
20 July Newbuildings v Bready (Foyleview Arena)
3 August Ardmore v Donemana (The Bleachgreen)
3 August Eglinton v Bready (Eglinton)
3 August Brigade v Newbuildings (Beechgrove)
3 August Coleraine v Killyclooney (Sandel Lodge)
10 August Newbuildings v Eglinton (Foyleview Arena)
10 August Donemana v Coleraine (The Holm)
10 August Bready v Ardmore (Magheramason)
10 August Killyclooney v Brigade (Killyclooney)
17 August Brigade v Donemana (Beechgrove)
17 August Coleraine v Bready (Sandel Lodge)
17 August Killyclooney v Newbuildings (Killyclooney)
17 August Ardmore v Eglinton (The Bleachgreen)
24 August Eglinton v Coleraine (Eglinton)
24 August Newbuildings v Ardmore (Foyleview Arena)
24 August Donemana v Killyclooney (The Holm)
24 August Bready v Brigade (Magheramason)
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