NCU League 1 2024
Donacloney Mill0000000.000
Drumaness Superkings0000000.000

25 May Ballymena v Derriaghy (Eaton Park)
25 May Belfast v Laurelvale (Mallusk)
25 May Cregagh v Drumaness Superkings (Cregagh Memorial)
25 May Lurgan v Armagh (Pollock Park)
25 May Templepatrick v Donacloney Mill (The Cloghan)
8 June Ballymena v Belfast (Eaton Park)
8 June Cregagh v Armagh (Cregagh Memorial)
8 June Donacloney Mill v Drumaness Superkings (Factory Ground)
8 June Laurelvale v Lurgan (Laurelvale)
8 June Templepatrick v Derriaghy (The Cloghan)
15 June Armagh v Donacloney Mill (The Mall)
15 June Belfast v Derriaghy (Mallusk)
15 June Drumaness Superkings v Templepatrick (Village Ground)
15 June Laurelvale v Cregagh (Laurelvale)
15 June Lurgan v Ballymena (Pollock Park)
22 June Ballymena v Cregagh (Eaton Park)
22 June Derriaghy v Lurgan (Queensway)
22 June Donacloney Mill v Laurelvale (Factory Ground)
22 June Drumaness Superkings v Armagh (Village Ground)
22 June Templepatrick v Belfast (The Cloghan)
29 June Armagh v Templepatrick (The Mall)
29 June Ballymena v Donacloney Mill (Eaton Park)
29 June Cregagh v Derriaghy (Cregagh Memorial)
29 June Laurelvale v Drumaness Superkings (Laurelvale)
29 June Lurgan v Belfast (Pollock Park)
6 July Armagh v Laurelvale (The Mall)
6 July Cregagh v Belfast (Cregagh Memorial)
6 July Derriaghy v Donacloney Mill (Queensway)
6 July Drumaness Superkings v Ballymena (Village Ground)
6 July Templepatrick v Lurgan (The Cloghan)
13 July Ballymena v Laurelvale (Eaton Park)
13 July Belfast v Drumaness Superkings (Mallusk)
13 July Derriaghy v Armagh (Queensway)
13 July Lurgan v Donacloney Mill (Pollock Park)
13 July Templepatrick v Cregagh (The Cloghan)
20 July Ballymena v Armagh (Eaton Park)
20 July Cregagh v Lurgan (Cregagh Memorial)
20 July Drumaness Superkings v Derriaghy (Village Ground)
20 July Donacloney Mill v Belfast (Factory Ground)
20 July Laurelvale v Templepatrick (Laurelvale)
27 July Armagh v Belfast (The Mall)
27 July Cregagh v Donacloney Mill (Cregagh Memorial)
27 July Laurelvale v Derriaghy (Laurelvale)
27 July Lurgan v Drumaness Superkings (Pollock Park)
27 July Templepatrick v Ballymena (The Cloghan)
3 August Armagh v Derriaghy (The Mall)
3 August Cregagh v Templepatrick (Cregagh Memorial)
3 August Donacloney Mill v Lurgan (Factory Ground)
3 August Drumaness Superkings v Belfast (Village Ground)
3 August Laurelvale v Ballymena (Laurelvale)
10 August Ballymena v Drumaness Superkings (Eaton Park)
10 August Belfast v Cregagh (Mallusk)
10 August Donacloney Mill v Derriaghy (Factory Ground)
10 August Laurelvale v Armagh (Laurelvale)
10 August Lurgan v Templepatrick (Pollock Park)
17 August Ballymena v Lurgan (Eaton Park)
17 August Cregagh v Laurelvale (Cregagh Memorial)
17 August Derriaghy v Belfast (Queensway)
17 August Donacloney Mill v Armagh (Factory Ground)
17 August Templepatrick v Drumaness Superkings (The Cloghan)
24 August Armagh v Drumaness Superkings (The Mall)
24 August Belfast v Templepatrick (Mallusk)
24 August Cregagh v Ballymena (Cregagh Memorial)
24 August Laurelvale v Donacloney Mill (Laurelvale)
24 August Lurgan v Derriaghy (Pollock Park)
31 August Belfast v Lurgan (Mallusk)
31 August Derriaghy v Cregagh (Queensway)
31 August Donacloney Mill v Ballymena (Factory Ground)
31 August Drumaness Superkings v Laurelvale (Village Ground)
31 August Templepatrick v Armagh (The Cloghan)
7 September Armagh v Cregagh (The Mall)
7 September Belfast v Ballymena (Mallusk)
7 September Derriaghy v Templepatrick (Queensway)
7 September Drumaness Superkings v Donacloney Mill (Village Ground)
7 September Lurgan v Laurelvale (Pollock Park)
Derriaghy v Drumaness Superkings - Match postponed
Queensway, 5 May.
Drumaness Superkings
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The Week Ahead
19 May Triseries match 2: Netherlands v Ireland (Voorburg)
20 May Triseries match 3: Ireland v Scotland (Voorburg)
22 May Triseries match 4: Netherlands v Scotland (Voorburg)
23 May Triseries match 5: Ireland v Scotland (Voorburg)
24 May Triseries match 6: Netherlands v Ireland (Voorburg)
Interpro T20
21 May North West Warriors v Leinster Lightning (Bready)
Interpro 50 Overs
22 May North West Warriors v Leinster Lightning (Bready)
NCU T20 Cup
23 May Group A: Cliftonville Academy v North Down (Castle Grounds)
23 May Group A: Woodvale v Instonians (Ballygomartin Road)
23 May Group B: Carrickfergus v CSNI (Middle Road)
23 May Group B: Muckamore v CIYMS (Moylena)
CL U23 Districts League
23 May T20: Dublin University v Fingal (College Park)
23 May T20: South Dublin & Midlands v Dublin City (College Park)
23 May Group A: Bready v Newbuildings (Magheramason)
23 May Group A: Ballyspallen v St Johnston (Ballyspallen)
23 May Group B: Glendermott v Brigade (The Rectory)
23 May Group B: Coleraine v Bonds Glen (Sandel Lodge)
23 May Group C: Eglinton v Ardmore (Eglinton)
23 May Group C: Strabane v Burndennett (Strabane Park)
23 May Group D: The Nedd v Killyclooney (The Nedd)
23 May Group D: Fox Lodge v Donemana (Ballymagorry)
NWCU Women
20 May Bready v Bonds Glen (Magheramason)
20 May Eglinton v Fox Lodge (Eglinton)
20 May Coleraine v Newbuildings (Sandel Lodge)
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18 May (CricketEurope)
Jeremy Bray on Munster Reds win over Leinster Lightning
 Munster Reds Head Coach Jeremy Bray